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Anil Kaura

Manager HR at Big Worth, Chennai
Big Worth - launched on 16th of December, 2018 with a PAPER AD on Times of India first Page Front and back AD. Its first of its kind, unique platform that’s brought solely for the purpose of giving its Merchants free footfalls and customers a world class experience by promising them savings on purchases incurred. The team consists of a bunch of passionate individuals who are dedicated to continuously innovate by providing solutions that would drive ROI for our brand partners and give us happy and delighted customers. Innovate, experiment and execute continues to be our motto and we believe in implementing the same vision in whatever we do. Merchants’ benefits post association with Big Worth. - Big Worth provides free footfalls to the stores - No commission / no percentages charged on sales - Results of the paper ADs and Further Stats - Until Now Big Worth have 4300+ Subscribers - Big Worth have Sold in Total 1500 Lifestyle Vouchers of Rs 500 Denominations - 995 Customers in total have already redempted Lifestyle Vouchers Majorly from our Launch City Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai - Big Worth drove Walkins around 100s and 1000s of Customers through our Unbeatable Offer Merchants extended benefits: - Brands can TARGET the Tie Brands they want to Target here - Like While Redemption from VIVANTA, Get a Rs 800 Worth Vouchers - Push the Customer to your brand - You can push your CO Brands too - Here is an active shopper Aiming for next Shopping? Who would try to push to your store? Push an IGV - Something Different ONLINE TO OFFLINE Customers’ benefits post subscribing to Big Worth’s app. - Provides 10X Valueback via Shopping, In the Wallet every 1 time paid user - Provides 90 Days of Unbeatable Offers to the customers - Unbeatable Offers ( UBO ) - Majority of the Customer were excited because they get to Use IGV+UBO ( Savings and Valueback ) - Surprise Scratch Cards while Redemption - 77% of Conversion Rate, where after every shopping, get to SCRATCH A SURPRISE CARD. - Every User who shops or redempt from the store SCRATCHES a SURPRISE CARD in the APP, Post Redemption Step - Shopping Privilege Pass ( Coming Soon ) - Every Active Subscriber of Big Worth gets o JUMP the BILLING QUE Pass o JUMP the QUE Changing ROOM Pass

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