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Lopamudra Chakraborty

HR Manager at Increff, Bengaluru / Bangalore
COMPANY OVERVIEW - INCREFF is technology & analytics enterprise helping Fashion & Lifestyle brands improve inventory turns through smart merchandising, and efficient fulfilment via a single view of inventory. - INCREFF is known for its data-driven, cutting-edge technology products that can transform every major brand and retailers nightmares into pleasant daydreams. - INCREFF delivers INCREDIBLE EFFICIENCY in sales and inventory via its two Enterprise SaaS solutions (IRIS and ASSURE) and warehousing as a service (WaaS). - Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Bangalore, INCREFF today has a team of 60 (all from premier institutes) and plans to add 40 more this calendar year. - Today, with a solid foundation build by having clients like Puma, WROGN, Reliance AJIO, Myntra, Mango, ESPRIT, Arvind Group (Ruf n Tuf and Newport) amongst others, INCREFF is accelerating towards the next phase of growth by expanding its customer pipeline and foraying into international markets. BECOMING EMPLOYER OF CHOICE - We build Careers, while our Employees build the Company - INCREFF aims to become the most impactful technology solutions company in the world. It attracts the best talent from premier institutes of India, who create cutting-edge and innovative technology solutions for their clientele. - INCREFF has several employee-friendly policies like a 360-degree review, 6-monthly appraisal, ESOPs to all, 3-month rigorous tech training programme etc. thus helping employees learn, build a career and create wealth for themselves. The key advantages of INCREFF as an employer of choice are - Work with leadership which brings combined experience of over 50 years, thus giving a better learning curve - Work with some of the best minds of the country, resulting in good mentorship and counsel - Result-Oriented - get to see the direct impact of work - Ability to disrupt and innovate - Instead of just learning tech, people learn how to engineer, automate and build products All the above points help grow much faster in career, resulting in covering a very long learning journey in a very short time

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