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Founder & CEO/Chief Global R&D/AI Health Innovation Officer/Chief Digital Health Officer at Benovymed Healthcare Private Limited, Delhi/NCR
Benovymed Healthcare Group is the Recipient of IIMJobs Best Awards as " Top Recruiter on being Ranked amongst the Top 0.5% Recruiters on for the Year Jan - June 2019.

Benovymed is the World's Top 20 & India's No:1 Most Impactful Global Leader in Creating, Building, Set up of Health Technology Market through its Impact Innovator, Visionary, Passionate Serial Entrepreneur Impact Innovation Founder &CEO Founded, managed, and serially Funded as a serial Investor in 17 DeepTech HealthTech Global Start-ups ( including Benovymed healthcare) in last 30 Years. He converted Impossible into Possible in 1993 in the Healthcare technologies market in India & Globally, When nobody from IIT, IIM & AIIMS was ever thought to take Hig Risk Challenges / was ready to work to Launch next Generation High-end Innovative Digital Health | AI Health | MedTech during and since 1993. Our Founder & CEO has Launched till now more than 90 next Generation High-end Innovative Digital Health | AI Health | MedTech on his own shoulders without a large team without any funding investment from any investors.
He from his own earned Funding as a serial investor setup, built 17 some of the World's Most Successful Global DeepTech HealthTech Global Startups from scratch to Multi-Million Dollars Global MNCs which are now big giants in the Healthcare Technology Industry Globally.

Our Founder & CEO created HealthTech Market in Digital Health | AI Health | MedTech & Medical Devices in India in 1993 and in many countries Globally.

People are Talking about HealthTech and Digital Health | AI Health | MedTech Now without understanding the ground 0 Reality of real Impact Innovation in Healthcare Technologies.

Our Founder &CEO is the founder of India's DeepTech HealthTech Startup Ecosystem in 1993 in the Digital Health| AI Health | MedTech | Medical Device market.
Our Founder & CEO has educated, Trained, and Mentored more than 70,000 Top Doctors Physicians ( most of the Doctors in last 30 years are our student of students) in getting education,training & learning in the next generation of advancements in Medical Technologies in Digital Health | AI Health & Medical Technologies in surgical, Non-surgical & Diagnosis and Disease management from Prevention to complete Disease Management in more than 20 Superspeciality Medical areas, Hospitals ( Superspeciality, Single Speciality & Multispeciality) & Speciality Clinics Practice Groing and Healthcare Management in India & Globally all stakeholders in the Healthcare ecosystem in India and thereby Empowering Physicians, Hospitals, Clinics, Govt & all other stakeholders by creating a HealthTech Ecosystem since 1993 with a Big Impact in bringing change to the Healthcare Technology Ecosystem and have done MM$ Business Globally including in India for over 28 years by our Founder & CEO and more than 100 Years collectively by our Founding Leaders working in DeepTech Health Technologies in Revolutionizing Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine | MedIoT | MedTech through Disruption and Innovation in Impacting the Lives of Billions of People Globally.

Benovymed Healthcare Group having 9 Healthcare Business Verticals working Globally is among the World's Top most valued, Most Admirable DeepTech Healthtech Global Startups grown and Converted into an MNC & Highly Sustainable exponentially growing fast emerging True World's Top 10 Digital Health AI Health Unicorns, Benovymed is the World's Top 20 & India's no:1 most Impactful DeepTech HealthTech Startup Global Healthcare Organisation in Revolutionising Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine through Disruption & Innovation.
‚ÄčA Global Leader in Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine Innovation, Remote Patient Management in Revolutionising Through Innovation Revolutionizing the Power of Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine through Innovation from Indian origin global startup organization.
Building an World's No:1 and World's Most Comprehensive Integrated Care Digital health | AI Health Platform in SaaS Cloud and working into B2B, B2B2C with our Innovative Novel AI HealthTech Solutions for the huge benefit to the needs of Millions of Patients and nearly billions of new coming up Patient rise rapidly worldwide.
We are the global Healthcare game-changer and transforming Healthcare for the Highest Quality Health delivery & Highest Patient safety, and efficacy which is easily accessible, and affordable for better Treatment outcomes & Quality Health Delivery to all.
Presently, the problem is huge in Healthcare globally which no startup / MNC is able to tap into and come out with any Novel solutions.
Globally this market is Underserved,under-diagnosis, under treatment with lots of medical errors and medical negligence.
At the end of the day, the patients are the big sufferer in spite of paying Thousands and millions of dollars in hospital fees per treatment for diseases with surviving with false hopes about their treatment and health, no surety and safety.

1) Disruption & Innovation:
Quality Health delivery Accessible, affordable, Patient-centric platform benefiting all.

Digital Health, AI HealthTech, Telemedicine, Actionable Health Data Analytics.

Highest efficacy & Treatment outcomes.

4) Winning Founding Team:
Our Winning Founding Team members have a single core objective consisting of Board Members, Board of advisors.
A team of experienced domain experts from medical Research, Medical Practice& Medical Administration, Medical Researchers, Chief AI Officer, IT, Data Scientists & HealthTech Global Business Leaders.

Our Founder & CEO, MD, Chief AI Health Innovation Officer profile:
Benovymed Healthcare's Founder & CEO & MD, Promoter, Chairman, Chief Digital Health Officer, and Chief of Benovymed Global R&D and AI Health Innovation Lab, is the world's top 30 Impactful Global AI HealthTech, Digital Healthcare Technology Global Business Leader in his l Years of experience had set up and launch successfully more than 8 Innovative Global HealthTech Start-up turn them into Multi millions of Dollars Global Healthtech company & MNC from Israel, US, Europe, China, Korea & India, and our Founder & CEO had already launched 90 disruptive Innovative Health Technology in Digital Health ( AI deep HealthTech, Digital HealthTech, Telemedicine, mobile health (mHealth), M2M, IoT, MedTechIoT, H2H, EHR, e-commerce Health & MedTech) in India & Global. Benovymed Healthcare is our Founder & CEO's 9th most successful disruptive and Innovative Global health tech Startup which is his new venture and currently self-funded and Bootstrapped by himself.
Our Founder & CEO is the 1st Generation & Next-Generation Serial startup HealthTechentreprenuer, Visionary, Passionate & Revolutionary Healthtech Innovator, Healthtech Doctor-Scientist and Researcher, Healthtech Solution Provider with strong 26 Yrs of experience in Digital Health ( AI deep HealthTech, Digital HealthTech, Telemedicine, mobile health (mHealth), M2M, IoT, MedTech IoT, H2H, EHR, cloud computing, e-commerce Health & MedTech) executive Business Leadership and HealthTech startup management guru in India & Global market.
Our Founder&CEO have worked in more than 10 Superspeciality of Medical Sciences applications closely with top doctors and hospitals in Surgicals, Non-Surgical, Diagnostic( Medical Imaging, Lab Diagnostics, Precision Oncology) & Minimum Invasive Technologies.
He is Advisor | Mentor to Tech & Medical Research University, BSchool, MOH, Hospital, Clinic, Tech Incubator Park, Cancer Foundation, and Investor globally in AI HealthTech, Robotics,mHealth & MedTech for improving the Treatment Outcome, efficacy, safety.

Additionally, Our Founder & CEO is also an
International Speaker for Digital health | AI health | Telemedicine & MedTech on various International Forum, Conferences.
He is WHO Geneva Expert Member for Digital Health, AI Health & Telemedicine Innovation, World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva, Switzerland. He is advising and working with more than 40 Countries globally including India to develop policy, execution, and implementation of Digital Health | AI Health | Telemedicine to solve complex problems in healthcare locally with every country globally.
He can get sign a Millions of Dollars deal in no time with any govt globally.

Benovymed Healthcare is a Healthcare market innovator, builder, market creator, and our market Creativeness, disruption, Our Innovation with Science & Technology, Idea execution, go to market Commercialisation strong 30 Years of experience in HealthTech kills the market competition in India and globally.
We are setting up our Corporate Office & Global HQ, Global Technology Development Center & Global R&D & AI health Innovation Center in Delhi NCR, India.
We have our business partners in more than 40 countries globally.

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