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IIM Lucknow | Senior Management Programme in Business Analytics (Batch 1)

Empower leadership through the strategic application of data intelligence

Course Snapshot

  • Work Experience8 - 30 Years
  • Delivery MethodBlended- Online

Course Detail

Program Overview:

Leadership and business analytics are indispensable in today's business context. One without the other is incomplete, as effective leadership necessitates informed decision-making, while business analytics empowers leaders with the data insights needed for strategic success. Together, they drive organisational excellence in the dynamic landscape of contemporary business. The Senior Management Programme in Business Analytics is tailored to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge business analytics tools and techniques with leadership, preparing participants for success in the data-driven business environment through a comprehensive curriculum covering analytics techniques, data strategy, leadership development and effective communication.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Build advanced analytics skills and managerial judgment to collect, analyse, and interpret data effectively.
  • Leverage different analytics approaches predictive, prescriptive and inferential across business domains.
  • Develop leadership for high-performing analytics teams and implement analytics-driven organisational change.
  • Harness Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data management for transformative business intelligence and decision support.
  • Apply analytics across business domains, including marketing, finance, HR, supply chain and operations.
  • Delve into Industry 4.0 tech (NLP, Text Mining, Generative AI, IoT) and address data privacy and security challenges.
  • Translate complex data into actionable insights for effective communication across diverse stakeholders.

Desired Candidate Profile

Applicants should be working professionals who are Graduates (10+2+3 or 10+2+4) with a minimum of 8 years of work experience after graduation.

Course Modules

Module 1:

Foundations of Business Analytics:

  • Introduction to Business Analytics
  • Overview of analytics in business contexts
  • Importance and role of data in decision-making

Data Collection and Management

  • Data sources, data collection techniques and tools
  • Data cleaning and pre-processing using R

Statistical Analysis of Business with R

  • Descriptive Statistics, Measures of central tendency and dispersion, Probability and random Variable, Binomial and Normal Distributions

Inferential Statistics

  • Testing of Hypothesis ANOVA
  • Chi Squares Tests

Predictive Analytics

  • Linear Regression Analysis
  • Time Series Analysis

Prescriptive Analytics

  • Optimisation techniques Simulation
  • Decision analysis

Module 2

AI and Machine Learning for Business

  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • AI Tools and Applications
  • Neural Network
  • Deep Learning

Managing and Mining Big Data

  • Introduction to Managing and mining Big Data
  • Big data tools (e.g., Hadoop, Spark) and their relevance in business

Business Intelligence & Visualization tools

  • BI Tools Overview
  • Data Visualization using Tableau and Power BI
  • Advanced Visualization Techniques
  • Dashboards, interactive reports, and storytelling with data

Module 3

Application of Analytics in Business Domain

  • Marketing Analytics
  • Financial Analytics
  • Supply Chain & Operations Analytics
  • HR Analytics
  • Strategic Decision Making

Risk Management and Analytics

  • Risk assessment, mitigation strategies, and scenario analysis

Leadership and Change Management in Analytics

  • Building, managing, and nurturing high-performing analytics teams
  • Implementing analytics-driven change in organizations

Industry 4.0 and Data Privacy & Security

  • Industry 4.0 NLP and Text Mining, Generative AI, IOT, GDPR, Understanding and Application of Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2023, and other data protection regulations.

Capstone Project and Future Trends in Business Analytics

  • Capstone Project
  • Future Trends in Business Analytics
  • Reflection and feedback