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Human Resources at ZenTrades

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About ZenTrades:

ZenTrades is a growing product startup with a strong foundation in the world of SaaS (Software as a Service) business solutions for Field Service Management software.

Our Vision and Mission:

At ZenTrades our core focus is towards creating the future of Field Service Management, where trade service professionals will effortlessly harness the power of technology to streamline their operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth. Our mission is to revolutionize the way the trade services industry operates by offering an AI-supported Co-Pilot system that will help tradesmen become efficient and enhance their customer satisfaction.

Innovative AI-Powered Solution:

AI-powered modular SaaS business operating system (CRM + ERP), designed for trade services with a focus on compliance and regulations. ZenTrades' founding team consists of UW Madison, and UC Berkeley alumni with strong domain knowledge having built top-notch products and implemented them at Fortune 500 companies.

With its robust CRM+ERP platform featuring a modular software architecture and integrated Generative AI capabilities, ZenTrades delivers a trade-specific operating system that caters to the unique needs of each trade. ZenTrades empowers tradesmen with an AI assistant, LISA (co-pilot), to enhance their sales and service capabilities using Generative AI.

ZenTrades improves operational effectiveness and improves overall customer service by sending informative prompts and nudges. This technology is used for customer service and to provide thorough defect reports, convincing case studies, precise estimations, and even predictive profit analysis.

Link of Product Demo:

Why should you join the ZenTrades Team?

This is an opportunity to be part of the blitz-scaling team that's shaping an industry's narrative. We are on a mission to revolutionize the Field Service Management domain & boost their sales metrics, productivity, and efficiency by scoring on leadership opportunities that are otherwise lost in the field.

At ZenTrades we foster a culture of openness and we aren't a company where information and ideas exist in silos. Team members are empowered and encouraged to pursue out-of-the-box ideas, think for the organization, and make mistakes that will assist us to grow through which we create a difference in customers and our lives. We encourage our people to challenge the status quo. We value creativity, hard work, initiative, and radical ideas above all else. We value transparency, and vulnerability and love to work with people who are self-driven, resourceful, and want to create an impact. Most importantly it's fun working with a group of people who are passionate about building a legacy.

At ZenTrades we believe in a culture of transparency, vulnerability, and an enormous amount of ownership. The team celebrates success and failure together.

Every Leader within the team is hands-on and has taught the vision of being open to putting the best interest of the organization first. The Leader should inspire the team, be resourceful to ensure the team and the organization are successful, and also be hands-on in bringing the best resources within the team and promoting talent.

Position Overview - Financial Controller:

As the Financial Controller of our organization, you will play a critical role in overseeing and optimizing our financial operations. Your responsibilities will encompass managing financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Reporting directly to the CEO, you will be instrumental in providing accurate financial information to drive strategic decision-making and support the organization's growth objectives.

Your strong drive, sense of urgency, and expertise will shape our current position, and performance quality. You will be actively engaged in meaningful projects, collaborate closely with cross-functional leadership teams, and gain substantial respect while working directly with high-performing team members, promoting talented team members, and offering real-world software strategic and tactical business improvement metrics.

Day-to-day responsibilities will include:

1. The financial controller role entails dynamic involvement in strategy, partnership building with the investors along with the CEO, and effective communication within the team of accomplished domain experts from ZenTrades' founding team, your responsibilities will include:

2. Financial Reporting: Prepare and analyze monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements by GAAP standards. Ensure accuracy and integrity of financial data.

3. Budgeting and Forecasting: Lead the budgeting process and develop financial forecasts.

4. Collaborate with department heads to establish budgetary targets and monitor performance against budget.

5. Financial Analysis: Conduct a thorough financial analysis to identify trends, variances, and opportunities for cost optimization or revenue enhancement. Provide insights to senior management to support strategic planning and decision-making.

6. Cash Flow Management: Manage cash flow effectively to meet operational needs and optimize investment opportunities. Monitor cash flow projections and implement strategies to mitigate risks.

7. Payroll and Other payments: Running payroll, and other payments in a timely manner after a thorough review.

8. Internal Controls and Compliance: Establish and maintain internal controls to safeguard company assets and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Coordinate with internal and external auditors to facilitate audits and ensure adherence to accounting standards.

9. Risk Management: Identify financial risks and implement strategies to mitigate them. Monitor market conditions and economic trends that may impact the organization's financial health.

10. Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A): Provide financial insights and analysis to support business initiatives and strategic planning efforts. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop financial models and evaluate investment opportunities.

11. Team Leadership and Development: Lead and mentor a team of finance professionals, fostering a culture of excellence, collaboration, and continuous learning. Provide guidance and support to develop team members' skills and capabilities.

12. Stakeholder Communication: Communicate financial performance, forecasts, and strategic recommendations to senior management, the board of directors, and other stakeholders. Present financial reports and analyses clearly and concisely.

13. Process Improvement: Identify opportunities to streamline financial processes, enhance efficiency, and improve accuracy. Implement best practices and leverage technology solutions to optimize financial operations.

14. Your expertise, attention to detail, and strategic mindset will be crucial in ensuring the financial health and stability of our organization. You will have the opportunity to make a significant impact by driving financial performance, fostering innovation, and contributing to our overall success.

15. This role offers an opportunity to contribute to the financial health and operational efficiency of ZenTrades while working closely with various teams and stakeholders.

You will fit right if you have:

1. A knack for numbers: A strong understanding of business numbers and good numerical skills are essential for analyzing financial data and driving business decisions.

2. Effective Planning: The ability to plan projects, define milestones, and adhere to SLAs for deliverables is crucial. Candidates should be proactive in identifying and addressing deviations from the plan.

3. Proficiency in Software Tools: Candidates should have a solid knowledge of spreadsheet tools like Excel and Google Sheets. Experience with MIS software - Keka, QuickBooks, and ZohoBooks, will be advantageous.

4. Negotiation Skills: A natural knack for negotiation is important, as the role may involve negotiating with vendors, clients, and internal stakeholders to optimize financial outcomes.

5. Assertive Communication: Strong communication skills, particularly in delivering messages assertively, are necessary. Candidates should be able to communicate effectively with sales and customer success teams while maintaining professionalism.

6. Prioritization Abilities: The ability to prioritize finance and accounting tasks amidst cross-functional collaboration and stakeholder management is essential. Candidates should be adept at distinguishing between primary and secondary responsibilities.

7. Documentation Proficiency: Effective communication through documents and memos is important. Candidates should possess solid written communication and articulation skills.

8. Flexibility: The role may require working flexible hours, including afternoon to late-night shifts, to accommodate interactions with external consultants, HR, business teams, and management.

9. Closure: This is a must. You should be able to get things to a finish line.


1. Work experience: 4-8 years of experience in Finance, Accounting, Budgeting, FP&A or Business Operations

2. Professional Certifications like CFA, and CPA are preferred

3. MBA/ CA/ M.Com or exceptional Bachelor's degree in accounting, finance, business administration

4. Analytical ability to develop and implement improvements or recommendations

5. A self-motivated learner who contributes to a culture of excellence and lifts the entire team's performance.

6. Deep Self-introspection ability which can drive self as well as team-level growth

7. Experience working in US Shifts and hustle-oriented environment

8. Self-motivated to work independently and maintain well-being in a highly efficient and effective work environment while handling high-expectation roles.

Note: You will be required to operate in the US time zone which is - 6:00 PM IST to 3:00 AM IST from Pune Location.

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Human Resources at ZenTrades

Last Login: 25 May 2024

Job Views:  
Applications:  273
Recruiter Actions:  186

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