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Zapcom - Senior Project Manager

7 - 12 Years.Bangalore/Hyderabad
Posted 3 months ago
Posted 3 months ago


ZapCom is seeking a Project Manager.

- As a Project Manager, you will lead a team of engineers to deliver high-powered, cutting-edge software applications.

- You will work collaboratively with Product Owners, vendors, and business stakeholders to architect and create enterprise-level solutions that are both scalable and robust.

- The ideal candidate will be a strong leader, have full-stack technical knowledge and the ability to work in a fast-paced agile environment.

Exp: 7+ years.

Location: Bangalore/Hyderabad.

Work Mode: Work from Office.


Roles and Responsibilities:.

Essential Functions:

- job entails combining project management practices with agile development requirements.

- It also involves team management, planning, customer and process management.

- They can cross multiple business divisions and are responsible for assigning work and getting the status of the work completed.

- Fulfills the functions of an Agile Scrum Master; runs the software development planning and delivery process.

- Providing servant leadership and building multiple high-performing Agile teams.

- Create an environment of collaboration within the teams that allows for open dialogue and productive solutions for resolving conflicts.

- Leverages Jira and Confluence to elicit and define business and technical requirements, track requirements, prioritize features, curate content, sequence deliverables into sprints, and report progress.

- Leads Increment and sprint planning sessions and documents resulting story boards and Responsible for maintenance and tracking of sprint backlog and prioritization.

- Facilitates the daily scrum Ceremonies and supports delivery teams (pods) in execution of scrum methodology.

- Documents and leads remediation / removal of blockers during sprints.

- Responsible to Monitor, Measure, & Report Progress of the team (SMART and SWOT analysis of members) including burndown charts, team velocity.

- Ensure good relationship between the team and product owner as well as others outside the team.

- Builds and coaches high performing teams.

- Good problem-solving, organizational, and analytical skills, with the ability to coach and mentor all roles on a scrum team.

- Inspire people to deliver key results, demonstrate the passion for the business.

- Adapt current methods and procedures to create possible alternative solutions to moderately complex problems.

- Use considerable judgment to determine solution and seeks guidance on complex problems.

Essential Agile Knowledge and Skills:

- Expert knowledge of Agile methodology and frameworks like Scrum, Kanban, and familiarity with Jira and Confluence tools.

- Working knowledge of banking audit and regulatory practices; ensures that projects under their responsibility are fully compliant with corporate standards.

- Strong communications and interpersonal skills; demonstrated ability to quickly build trust and relationships, manage matrixed teams, bridge communication gaps, resolve conflicts, and influence stakeholders.

- Strong technical aptitude and ability to quickly learn new products, lines of business, processes, software, systems, and client needs.

- Effective risk management skills and ability to predict and mitigate risks and issues, as well as anticipating and proactively preparing for changes and impacts to clients' businesses.

- Active listening, persuasiveness to gain buy-in, consensus, and cooperation in the face of conflicting viewpoints, resistance to change, constraints, etc.

- Good at building relationships and navigating through organizations.

Essential Competencies:

- Assertive: Experience with working teams in adhering to Agile/Scrum concepts and principles and knowing when teams are not ready; must be able to be a voice of reason.

- Attitude of empowerment: Must be able to guide team(s) to self-organization.

- Attitude of transparency: Must desire to bring disclosure and transparency to both business and IT and build trust amongst partners.

- Collaborative: Ability to partner with others to achieve goals at various levels throughout the organization and lead others to do so by example.

- Communicative and social: Must be able to communicate well with all levels of the organization from Scrum team members to release train leadership.

- Conflict resolution: Must be able to facilitate discussion at the team level and facilitate alternatives or different approaches.

- Continual improvement: Must continually be growing one's craft learning new tools and techniques to manage oneself and a team.

- Facilitative: Must be able to lead by example and demonstrate value-add principles to scrum team(s).

- Brings a high-energy and passionate outlook to the job and can influence those around her/him.

- Able to build a sense of trust and rapport that creates a comfortable & effective workplace.

Essential Education and Experience:

- 7+ yrs of IT experience serving as Agile Scrum master's in planning and delivering software solutions, such as online and mobile user experiences, underlying transactional systems, and integrating disparate systems,.

- Familiar with various software development methodologies (e.g., agile, waterfall) and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), incl. processes, roles and responsibilities, entry and exit criteria, and key deliverables for each stage.

- Experience organizing and Ability to coach and mentor.

- Ability to understand business and technology concepts quickly and able to facilitate those conversations primarily around Banking domain.

- Experience with distributed Agile teams.

- Scrum of Scrums / Complex ecosystem.

Interested Candidates, Kindly revert with your updated CV along with following necessary details to below contact details:

Current Org.:

Total Experience:

Relevant Experience:

Notice Period:
Lead time to join:

Current Location:

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Availability for technical discussion:

Note : Immediate candidates are more preferred.

Call / WhatsApp +91 9900909245.

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HR at ZapCom Solutions Pvt Ltd

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