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Viom Networks - DGM/GM - Finance - Alternate Energy

15 - 18 Years.Delhi NCR
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Posted 11 years ago

Hub Head – Finance


Function - Finance

Position Name - Hub Head Finance

Reports to

- Deputy Financial Controller

- Chief Officer NE/ SW


- Responsible for the overall Finance activities for the Hub to ensure overall financial support is provided to the Hub to ensure optimal finance control and monitoring ensuring effective implementation of Finance processes and initiatives as per the defined SOP


Supervision: (Positions reporting to the incumbent)

- Hub Assistant Manager Budget Tracking and MIS

- Hub Opex Controller

- Circle Head F&A


- Monitor the overall financial performance of the Hub vis-à-vis the budget and undertake corrective action with the functional heads at Hub level

- Monitor the opex and capex payments to ensure that they are made in time along with purchase request clearance

- Ensure adequate support is provided to the Corporate Finance for audit and accounting of finance activities in the Hub e.g. capitalization, rental schedules etc

- Monitor timely and accurate verification of bills and facilitation of payment release

- Monitor and review the opex control activity to ensure that the opex is effectively monitored, deviations are analyzed and action steps are taken to control it at the Hub

- Ensure Statutory Compliance and taxation activity

- Ensure timely provision of the MIS to the Chief Officer Hub on the performance of the Hub in terms of actual versus budgeted, revenues, profitability etc based on the Hub AOP

- Ensure timely payments processing as per the SLA to ensure internal customer delight

- Ensure that the payments are made as per the budget

- Ensure compliance of proper documentation for the payments release

- Ensure proper accounting of all the financial transactions within the Hub

- Ensure that the financial audit is carried out along with the respective functional team

- Ensure overall financial operational excellence at Hub level & manage escalations for issues unresolved at Circle level

- Monitor process, SLA and quality adherence at Hub level

- Strengthen the Circles and undertake any deviation decision to be made

- Ensure capitalization process is effectively carried out

- Ensure accurate collation of billing details from corporate billing team and provide timely and accurate data related to billing and collection to the respective teams at corporate

- Ensure adequate support is provided to the Corporate Finance team in account closure and internal audit related activity

- Ensure timely and accurate account reconciliation, verification of bills and facilitate in payment release

- Provide timely and accurate capex and opex payments

- Drive Knowledge Management & Competency Building process

- Mentor the Circles and strengthen them to achieve their overall revenue targets

- Manage performance and development of the Hub, respective Circle heads along with the functional heads at Hub level

- Ensure each team member has KRA/goals defined

- Mentor and coach the team members and conduct team meetings to share the process updates and discuss the performance of team

- Reward good performance of the team and ensure the team is motivated to achieve high performance


- % delay in terms of payment and approval as per SLA e.g. PR, rent processing, invoice validation & clearance, capitalization etc

- % delay in tax filing

- % reduction in costs especially opex related costs

- No of non compliance on Circle related accounting issues arising from the audit observation

- Attrition rate of the finance team in the Circle

- Number of trainings organized for the team

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Posted By

Shubhra Arya

at VIOM Networks

Last Login: 06 April 2013

Job Views:  
Applications:  48
Recruiter Actions:  11

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