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Viom Networks - Circle Lead - HR & Admin

10 - 15 Years.Mumbai/Kolkata
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Posted 11 years ago

Circle Lead HR & Admin


Function - Human Resource

Position Name - Circle Lead HR & Admin

Reports to

- Circle Head

- Hub Head HR & Admin


Responsible for the overall HR and Administrative activities for the Circle to ensure that Circle functions are given adequate support in terms of HR operations, labour law compliances and administrative activities by ensuring effective implementation of HR policy, processes and initiatives as per the defined SOP. Maintain high level of employee engagement level.


Supervision: (Positions reporting to the incumbent)

- Circle Admin Executive



- Deploy and implement identified HR and admin initiatives and processes to enhance employee productivity, satisfaction and ensure manpower related cost reduction within the Circle

- Plan, implement and control HR activities in Circle as per approved budgets

- Timely certification of vendor invoices after proper validation to minimize cost overruns and delay in payments

- Achieve cost saving by carrying out recruitment through direct sources


- Undertake HR initiatives aligned to the Circle level plan and strategy to enhance service delivery to the Circle functions resulting in effective business support and higher employee productivity

- Ensure effective vendor management to ensure optimal vendor performance as per the SLAs for the HR and Admin related activities as applicable

- Facilitate the process of building the Company brand as ‘Employer of Choice’ at the Circle level

- Implement HR initiatives and processes identified at Corporate in the area of Talent Management, Engagement, Retention and Development to enhance employee satisfaction, engagement and retention level


- Ensure end to end execution of HR policies, processes and SLAs at Circle level

- Ensure effective implementation of the corporate initiatives w.r.t. Talent Retention, Nurturing and other corporate initiatives

- Handle recruitment at circle level from below the Circle functional level positions

- Ensure timely and accurate generation of HR and Admin related MIS

- Oversee the admin related activities and ensure first level resolution of any admin related issue

- Facilitate the HR audit, ensure overall compliance and ensure closure of issues identified

- Carry out employee satisfaction survey


- Facilitate employee development at Circle level

- Contribute to Knowledge Management activity at Circle level w.r.t. HR function

- Attend trainings and ensure continuous learning and development

- Manage performance and team working:

- Conduct team meetings to share the new updates and discuss the HR and Admin related updates/ interventions

- Support the Circle teams in effectively handling their work through facilitation of training and facilitating provision of required support from Circle/

- Review the team’s performance and recognize good performance to create a performance oriented culture

- Manage Employee Engagement level in terms of employee retention and development


- Monitor the personnel costs as a % of the revenues

- % reduction in admin costs

- Attrition rate in the Circle

- Employee Satisfaction Index in the Circle

- Teeth to tail ratio actual versus planned

- Employee per tower

- Number of hires actual versus planned

- Number of HR and admin related escalation unresolved

- % deviation in HR related SLAs

- Number of issues arising due to inadequate legal due diligence

- Number of delays caused due to delayed response by HR as per SLA

- No of non compliance arising from the Quality audit

- Number of training organized in the Circle

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Posted By

Shubhra Arya

at VIOM Networks

Last Login: 06 April 2013

Job Views:  
Applications:  172
Recruiter Actions:  9

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