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Solitaire Realinfra - Manager - Legal - LLB/LLM

6 - 15 Years.Delhi/Greater Noida/Noida
Posted 1 year ago
Posted 1 year ago

- Drafting, reviewing, vetting, and negotiating documents including but not limited to Lease Deeds, Agreement to sale/lease, Conveyance Deeds, Leave and Licence Agreements, Settlement Agreements, Deed of Cancellation, MoUs, LOIs etc.

- Assisting in as well as independently drafting, reviewing, vetting and finalizing Suits, Written Statements, Rejoinders, Writ Petitions, notices, reply to notices, complaints etc.

- Representing company before Courts, Tribunals, RERA and other Authorities

- Coordinate with and seek legal opinion, as required, from legal advisors

- Assist in legal due diligence & negotiations during land/property acquisition in particular Title investigation & Local legislation

- Highlight legal issues involved in structuring of land/property acquisition and relevant development regulations.

- Lawyers who have 3 To 5 year's experience dealing in legal matters of real estate. Worked on Court cases

- Anticipating potential legal issues and developing strategies to mitigate them

- Keep abreast of and inform reporting senior on relevant developments in real estate, such as court ruling or legislative amendments

- Lesioning with Government Authorities, Police Authorities etc.

- Must be well versed with RERA, 2016 and Rules and Regulations .

- Candidate should be Graduate with LLB/LLM

- Role/Nature of work: Knowledge of criminal matters, Attending cases related to the cusumers in RERA Tribunals, Consumer Fora, Courts, Coordination with Law Firms.

- Years of litigation experience(real estate matters), criminal cases, due diligence. Candidates with experience of Court exposure in Delhi/ NCR should apply.

- Knowledge of RERA, Consumer must.

- Drafting & Vetting of legal documents for financing of Real Estate Projects both for origination and acquisition of loans from other lenders and all other transactions ancillary or incidental to it.

- Giving legal advice, opinion and legal support to the business teams in order to finalise lending transactions and contributing in driving the business forward.

- Studying, Researching and apprising all the stakeholders on the policies and laws pertaining to Real Estate and Construction Funding by financial institutions including important judgments which would impact documentation and business.

- Imparting legal training to the front and back end teams and Handling & responding to legal queries.

- Legal Check from time to time of live and disbursed cases so that any shortcomings can be identified and remedied.

- Liaising with law firms for origination and advise on legal structures and documentation required for transactions.

- Good legal drafting skills.

- Well versed in banking, financial and corporate laws like RBI guidelines with respect to the organisation s business, Companies Act, Contract Act, Arbitration Act, RERA, etc.

- Well versed in Transfer of Property Act and other allied property laws.

- Excellent Communication Skill

- Proficient in drafting of MOUs, Term Sheets, Agreements, Commercial Contracts, Agreement to Sell, Conveyance Deeds, Notices, Security Documents and other transaction and structuring documents pertaining to real estate business.

- Should have a exposure in handling consumer and contractual disputes related litigation in lower courts.

- Exposure to consumer laws & RERA and should have working knowledge of Transfer of Property Act & arbitration and conciliation.

- Substantial knowledge and understanding of the laws, regulations and norms governing Real Estate sector.

- Co-ordination and liaison with lawyers and attorneys representing the Company, on need basis.

- Ability to provide strategic support to the leadership team on policy matters and lead proactive advocacy.

- Representing the company in court & drafting of legal pleadings

- Maintain track of dates of court hearing ,attend hearings

- Relationship management & negotiation skills in liaising with government departments, regulatory authorities & external agencies.

- Knowledge of real estate laws and latest changes.

- Knowledge of RERA.

- Drafting, vetting of plaints, written submissions, replies, documents for litigations filed by and / or against the Company to ensure that they are in line with the legal requirements.

- Vetting / drafting of statement of claim, statement of defence, counter claim and rejoinder in arbitration cases file by and / or against the Company.

- Effectively attend all litigations (civil & criminal), arbitration matters, consumer complaints, RERA complaints and matters before various law enforcement agencies such as Police etc & statutory authorities, as and when required.

- Appear before various authorities, boards, councils, Quasi-judicial authorities, local municipal and other authorities as and when required

- Represent the organization in meetings conducted to brief lawyers/solicitors on ongoing and prospective litigations. Liaise with lawyers to review the progress of the litigations and arbitrations to ensure timely follow up & closure of cases and keep the management updated on the status periodically.

- Effectively communicate and update the relevant stakeholders about the latest rulings of various courts as well as Act, Rules, Regulations, Circular, Notification, etc, issued by the authorities/government from time to time, which will have impact on the real estate business.

- Drafting of legal notices and replies

- Reduce / settle the existing/pending cases with the approval of the management.

- Prepare and submit MIS and Periodical Reports

- Interaction with other teams and arranging data therefrom which is required for legal team.

- Drafting of legal notices and replies

- Legal Risk Management.

- Reasonably fair knowledge of Real Estate Laws, Contracts Act, Transfer of Property Act, Civil Procedure Code, Criminal Procedure Code, Court Procedure.

- Understanding of Land Acquisition Process and recovery of advances.

- General litigation advisory.

- Develop strategies to manage contracts and litigation effectively so as to minimize exposure of the Company to claims and litigation.

- Collaborate with all internal and external stakeholders and review the final agreements from a legal perspective and ensure minimal risks to the organization.

- Provide legal support to the internal stakeholders in the sale deed preparations, agreements, registrations etc.

- Monitor the drafting of all contracts related documents from a legal perspective and ensure minimal associated risks for the company.

- Work towards standardization and automation of the processes, templates, drafting of policies, SOPs and authorizations.

- Drafting, vetting, negotiating and interpreting various commercial contracts and consultation on contract disputes.

- Drafting of term sheets, development agreements, agreement to sell, sale deed, lease deeds, confidentiality agreements, vendor contracts, service agreements, tripartite agreement with Banks, bank guarantees and dealing with issues related to the same.

- Drafting and negotiation loan documentation, and all related agreement and transaction.

- Understanding of Land Acquisition Process including title search, MOU, registration of documents, mutation, review of approvals, change of land use etc.

- General corporate advisory.

- To oversees all real estate transactions involving real estate law.

- To review legal documents for real estate transactions and negotiate their terms and conditions if required.

- Detailed due-diligence ranging from conducting a title search, vetting share certificates and ownership documents to overseeing and registering the sale of the property.

- Search for statutory approvals from relevant authorities like government, land development, planning, income tax etc. required for transfer of property.

- Preparing sale documents- sale agreement, conveyance deed and registration.

- To resolve any disputes related to real estate and check for any pending litigation on a property.

- Dispute resolution and settlements in the district and higher courts.

- Candidate must have a thorough knowledge of all Indian real estate laws including the Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA), the Transfer of Property Act, state rules and regulations, Standardized Building Bye-laws, Development Control Rules etc.

- Good analytical, interpretation and comprehension skills with ability to identify critical issues and advise on means to address or mitigate them.

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HR at Solitaire Realinfra Pvt Ltd

Last Login: 29 June 2023

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Applications:  139
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