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Rentomojo - Assistant Manager - Finance

1 - 2 Years.Bangalore
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About The Company:

We, RentoMojo, were founded by IITM alums and serial entrepreneurs who worked out of almost every major city in India in his first five years of corporate career.

- Frustrated with the hassles of relocating from one place to the other, and tired of finding that perfect cluster of home essentials that suited their lifestyle.

- "The spending youth, especially the millennials & Gen Z's prefer staying light, desire flexibility and are value conscious.

- Willing to experiment with new stuff across categories that make life simpler and not boring, these generations are also sensitive to our planet's sustainability.

- Our customers and employees identify with what we do '', is what Geetansh Bamania, our Founder and CEO has to say.

- RentoMojo caters to the needs of the working professionals which is unmet due to nonavailability of furnished rental flats by offering furniture and appliances on rental basis, thus, providing more flexibility than owning the expensive furniture and appliances.

- Currently, we have 130,000+ subscribers with a typical rental period of 1214 months.

- The current market size (as per a recent report by Grant Thornton) is estimated to be US$ 4. 1 Billion and expected to grow to US$ 13 Billion by 2025. With 1000+ people operations, the company has a presence in 16 cities across India.

- Looking back, Rentomojo has not only made a new market of lease which never existed for the consumer, they have also become market leaders in the consumer rental industry.

-Unlike the norm, they are now seeing a reverse trend wherein a version of ours is being copied in the US and UK.

- We are also profitable at monthly PAT since Oct 2021.

Five Pillars Of Our Culture:.

Zoom InZoom Out :.

We zoom in and go micro; our focus would be doing better in everything, including things we already do well.

We zoom out a lot for creating successful pilots that can potentially scale into a lot of value add in the future, like strengthening our offline presence.

Enterprising Mindset: If you are bold enough, you will have life changing growth opportunities here.

We will continue to expand the responsibilities of hungry and willing people.

If you are ready to do what you have never done, you will find roles that you have never managed.

Growing people from within was a significant contributor to the Fortune employers choice award that we won in 2022 and more importantly that's one of the biggest reasons of our success & continued momentum.

Frugality: Measure Twice and Cut once.

It is always easy to spend more money to get more done, but it lacks any form of challenge.

We have to grow and become better without a proportionate increase in cost.

For every penny that we spend or that we put up to spend, expect a lot of discussions, debates and conversations.

Planning is going to be important, data has to be the foundation, detailing will be a must and world class execution is the only way we will move forward in this journey.

Accountability: Less Why, more How.

- We will always have more to bite than we can chew, we will always have to make choices and prioritize while we progress.

- We can have hundreds of reasons behind why something can not be done, but we have to remain focused on the how of things.

- The focus on how will help us find ways to get done, what needs to get done.

- Think, decide, play and act for the long term.

- The only time we will make short term decisions is when they help us in the longer term.

- To me, the long term is all about consistency and not intensity.

Recent Media Coverage: YourStory , Dec 2022.

The Core Team:.

- Geetansh Bamania Founder & CEO.

- Ketan Krishna People & Governance Head.

- Prabhat Verma VP of Engineering, Data & Product.

- Hakim Ujjainwala Head of Capital and Resourcing.

-Shivendu Ojha Customer Operations and Sales.

-Rohan Kulkarni Head of Corporate Finance and Strategy.

- Aman Jha Head of Operations & Procurement.

- Akash Jangid Chief of Staff.

- Dhruv Wahal AVP Growth and Marketing.

ROLE : Assistant Manager Finance.

LOCATION : : Bangalore.

NUMBER OF DIRECT REPORTEES : Individual contributor role.


REPORTS TO : Senior Manager Finance.

About The Role:.

- The Finance Executive is a key member of the finance team responsible for managing financial activities, analyzing financial data, and supporting the organization's financial goals.

- This role plays a pivotal part in ensuring financial accuracy, compliance, and the efficient use of resources.

Responsibilities And Ownership:.

- Record and keep transactions on a day to day basis..

- Prepare accurate and timely financial reports, including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.

- Assist in the preparation of financial statements for audits and regulatory compliance.

- Identify financial risks and develop strategies to mitigate them.

- Evaluate and optimize working capital and cash management strategies.

- Conduct financial analysis to identify trends, opportunities, and potential risks.

- Collaborate in the development of budgets and financial forecasts.

- Prepare, maintain, audit, and distribute statistical, financial, accounting, auditing, or payroll reports and tables.

- Complete period-end closing procedures and reports as specified.

- Prepare, review, reconcile, and issue bills, invoices, and account statements according to company procedures.

- To maintain vouchers, invoices , receipts and payments.

- Follow-up and resolve past due accounts and vendor invoices until payment in full is received or resolved.

- Coordinate tasks and work with other departments; serve as a departmental role model or mentor; assign and ensure work tasks are completed on time and that they meet appropriate quality standards.

- Record accounts payable and accounts receivable.

- Follow all company policies and procedures; ensure uniform and personal appearance are clean and professional; maintain confidentiality of proprietary information; protect company assets.

- Develop and maintain positive working relationships with others; support team to reach common goals; listen and respond appropriately to the concerns of other employees.

- Good knowledge in Taxation and other compliance.

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HR at Rentomojo

Last Login: 30 April 2024

Job Views:  
Applications:  155
Recruiter Actions:  37

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