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Product Manager - Innovation/Digital Initiative - BFS

10 - 15 Years.Mumbai
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Posted 1 year ago

Product Manager - Innovation/Digital Initiative

Job Description :

A Product Manager - Innovation must combine a variety of interests and tasks as they are an interface between business, technology, and creativity. Work on ways to map and document the flow of ideas and knowledge within HDFC Bank while developing new ideas and start projects from existing know-how.

You should examine new and promising technologies together with specialists from business. Once market potentials and business case become apparent, you are mainly responsible for the development of prototypes, checking practical applicability, and accompanying the project to final development.

While doing so, you will also examine possible business areas and potentials that link future or existing products and technologies of the company in a new context.

What we expect of you, day to day :

- Reimagining the experience of new & existing customers in relation to HDFC Bank's products and services

- Proposing and implementing new experiences for internal collaborators

- Providing best practices in strategic design for products/services

- Proposing innovative products and business models aimed at enhancing the HDFC Bank's offering

- Working closely with experts from the different areas of HDFC Bank, detecting improvements, and new opportunities

- Defining the guidelines and policies that must be met in relation to innovation in the HDFC Bank

- Leading the development of the strategy and innovation focuses.

- Implementing and leading the plan to create a culture of innovation

- Monitoring, analyzing, and communicating innovation metrics to senior management to seek opportunities to improve HDFC Bank's innovative performance

- Introducing new products or services for internal and external customers

- Analyzing internal processes or developments to turn them into profitable "products" for the market

- End to end ownership of product lifecycle and roadmap with analytical mindset that results in data-informed decisions

- Define Digital credit platform product roadmap across Digital Lending stack - Retail, Wholesale, Business, LAP, Working Capital loans etc.

- Collaborate with high speed agile ecosystem of internal IT, Credit, Business, Product, API teams and external stakeholders

- Ideate, Design., Prototype and Market new product/customization viability and builds recommendations for decision makers.

Key Competencies :

- Experience with Innovation and Design Thinking

- Knowledge of OOP principles and Agile Programming methodology

- Brand Management, and/or Market Research

- Knowledge of automation, collaboration, and transaction management tools

- Willingness to take risks and the ability to stay persistent

- Expertise in the field of product development/management

- Ability to prioritize multiple projects all at once

- Strong communication and networking skills

- Creative ability to think and plan

- Strong business and technical understanding

- Ability to make clear decisions and map out goals along with the team

- Strong management and leadership skills

- Good understanding of AI/ML, API frameworks to help create a holistic credit enablement network from origination till collections and decisioning, analytics etc.

- Should have a sound understanding of Data Privacy Acts, New Credit Enablement Networks, Account Aggregator, API Orchestration, Business Rule Engine, Cloud platforms

- Strong understanding of microservices, agile/scrum methodologies, open banking/platform banking, business rule engines, end-to-end credit enablement tools from sourcing till collection

- Solution/Product Strategy

- Successfully identify opportunities to create market leading solutions that will satisfy customers and grow the Open Banking business

- Understand nuances of HDFC Banks's business model and develop API strategies and product roadmap that are competitively differentiated and anticipate future customer needs

- Ability to project the financial impact of architecture alternatives

- Provide thought leadership on how our Open Banking products will evolve over the next 3 - 5 years to remain relevant to customers

- Proactively considers customer needs and goals to inform architectural solutions

Critical Thinking:

- Makes informed product decisions based on relevant, current and accurate information

- Evaluates the quality of evidence and reasoning

- Challenges and inspires others to apply and strengthen problem solving skills

- Able to compare and contrast different aspects of a problem and considers implications of each before making a decision.

- Evaluates points for improvement and can creatively solve complex and ambiguous problems to reach new and unconventional modes of resolution.

Cross-Functional Communication:

- Effective team player, able to work well with colleagues across the organization and recognizes the importance of cross-functional communication.

- Takes pride in collaboration skills and seeks to partner with product managers, engineers and designers to create elegant solutions

- Exceptional interpersonal skills, including teamwork, facilitation, influencing and negotiation

- Ability to build cross-functional consensus among internal and external stakeholders to drive business results.

- Able to communicate ideas clearly and concisely in written documents (graphics or text) and to present these coherently and logically

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Aakash Kag

Manager HR - Talent Acquisition at Skillventory

Last Login: 09 December 2023

Job Views:  
Applications:  98
Recruiter Actions:  48

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