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Manager - Health/Safety & Environment - Manufacturing

8 - 11 Years.Goa
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Posted 7 years ago

Job title Manager - Health, Safety and Environment

Department Safety, Health and Environment


1.Scope of the job

Job purpose The HSE Manager will be responsible for execution and implementation of HSE policies and programs, and provide guidance to line management on strategies for meeting HSE goals and objectives. He/she will have and develop a working knowledge across all HSE areas, including technical, regulatory, employee training, and policy and leadership aspects of HSE management. He/she will lead the unit in establishing and maintaining safe, environmentally-responsible and community-sensitive operations that are in compliance with National, State and Local laws, regulations and ordinances.

Key Responsibilities - Reports to the Unit head and apprises him on the safety performance of the plant at regular intervals.

- Conducts Hazard Analysis for the entire site to identify risk areas in operations and new projects and ensures implementation of plans thereof.

- Checks and evaluates the effectiveness of the action taken or proposed to be taken to prevent personal injuries.

- Incorporate safety permits, wherever required, and to control and monitor permit usage and compliances

- Advise the purchasing and stores department in ensuring high quality, suitable and availability of personal protective equipment

- Prepares annual audit and training calendar

- Facilitates plant safety audits/inspections in order to observe the physical conditions of work and the work practices and procedures followed by the workers and to render advice on measures to be adopted for removing unsafe physical conditions and preventing unsafe actions by workers

- Handles matters related to reporting and investigation of industrial accidents and diseases to inspectorate of factories.

- Facilitates accident investigation and implementation of corrective action/procedures

- Maintains all records as are necessary relating to first aid, Medical Treatment cases, Loss time Injury, Disabling Injury and Fatality.

- Co-ordinate the unit safety committee meetings

- Organize in association with the concerned departments campaigns, competitions, contests and other activities which will develop and maintain the interest of the workers in establishing and maintaining safe conditions of work and procedures

- Actively participate in the activities carried out regarding the safety in the concerned industrial belt.

- Liaison with certifying bodies and to ensure reporting of statutory compliances to the Unit Head.

- Ensure MSDS availability of all chemical used in the plant and to disseminate information to all employees.

- Coordinate all amendment requests from the breweries.

- Audits firefighting and first aid equipment periodically. Monthly report of these checks will be given to the Unit Head by the Safety In-charge.

- Discusses reports on safety, environmental and occupational health surveys, safety audits, risk assessment, emergency and disaster management plans and implementation of the recommendations made in the reports

- Prepares Safety Improvement Plans for the year in consultation Unit Head and Safety Committees.

- Validates the Site Environmental Plan and identifies gap for full execution, to meet all statutory norms.

- Liaises with Projects for up-gradation of ETP and other facilities, as well as appropriate discharge/recycling of treated water.

- Prepares the site Emergency and Disaster Recovery Plan.

- Ensures proper operation and control of all waste water treatment and recycling system, for comprehensively abiding with statutory regulations.

- Identifies proper storage areas for all forms of brewery waste and plans regular disposal mechanisms, to ensure hygienic working in the brewery.

- Develops plans for reduction of carbon footprint, in line with corporate strategy on EHS.

- Works with the HR manager to ensure that employees abide by Health regulations, through periodic medical examination.

- Identifies areas of risk to employees Health from dust, noise and physical activity and develops plans to mitigate the same.

- Ensures availability of PPE in the area of Employee Health and trains employees in its usage.

- Periodically reviews training needs in the area of HSE and advises the HR head on development of training activities.

Budget responsibilities: As per sanctioned budget

Number of direct reports: NA

2.Business context

Reports to:

Unit Head

Structure or context:

Key contacts:

Internal Unit Head:

Asset Care


HR and Admin

Procurement and Logistics



External Local regulatory and community welfare bodies

HO Projects& Engg.

3. Measures to success:

- Site Emergency Plan in place and properly displayed/deployed.

- All safety equipment and PPE in appropriate place and validated

- Comprehensive site Hazard Analysis conducted and thoroughly implemented.

- All employees continuously trained on these Hazards and use of PPE

- Regular site safety committee meetings conducted.

- Regular fire drills and first aid safety activities conducted.

- Trained and identified first aid champions are available in each shift

- Quick and adequate response mechanism to major accidents is available on site

- Robust and active continuous improvement program on Safety in place.

- All discharge standards for water and air emission are complied with thoroughly and no censure received from statutory bodies.

- All factory waste is stored in identified place and removed from site periodically to ensure proper hygiene.

- All KPIs on SHE and water usage plus carbon emissions are regularly tracked and there is continuous improvement at the site

Job holder profile:

Qualifications: Diploma / Degree in Mech Engineering with Diploma in Industrial Safety / OSHA Certificate holder.

Experienced required: 8-11 years

Job essentials: Must have knowledge in implementing HSE policies and programs.

Languages required: English and local language.

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Applications:  42
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