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Hub Head - O&M - Telecom

18 - 23 Years.Mumbai
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Posted 11 years ago

Hub Head – O&M


Function - Operations and Maintenance

Position Name - Hub Head O&M

Reports to - Chief Officer

NE/ SW - Head O&M


- Responsible for the overall Operation and Maintenance activities for the Hub to ensure overall Infra uptime, accurate billing, Opex cost reduction, improved service delivery and timely reconciliation of O&M billing by ensuring effective implementation of O&M processes and initiatives as per the defined SOP


Supervision: (Positions reporting to the incumbent)



- Prepare, implement and review the Hub level O&M plan and budget

- Ensure Opex optimization with operational excellence

- Drive and ensure implementation of the identified O&M initiatives and processes to achieve opex reduction with the Hub

- Ensure accurate collation of billing information on periodic basis as per the defined process & template by the billing team and timely billing reconciliation to ensure that the revenues are realized in time

- Ensure timely certification of Vendor invoices after proper validation to minimize cost overruns and delay in payments


- Responsible for overall Infra uptime for the sites within the respective Hub as per SLA to ensure operator (customer) delight

- Ensure effective vendor relationship management for optimal vendor performance as per the SLAs and timely resolution of vendor issues from Circles if any

- Monitor timely takeover of new/ upgraded sites as per the quality and process guidelines is done effectively by the Circles to meet target agreed with the Operators

- Undertake O&M initiative to provide energy related cost savings and improved delivery to the Operator resulting in customer delight and fostering long term relationship

- Monitor the monthly SLA sign off activity with the customer


- Ensure overall O&M operational excellence at Hub level & manage escalations for issues unresolved at Circle level
Monitoring process, SLA and quality adherence at Hub level

- Strengthen the Circles and undertake any deviation decision to be made

- Review the overall functioning of the Hub level Technical support team for supporting the O&M activity at Circles and undertake corrective action as required

- Ensure timely and accurate collation and analysis of the O&M related MIS to analyze resulting trends and take appropriate action to improve service delivery and achieve cost savings

- Monitor the overall O&M function for site uptime & maintenance and drive the function towards continuous improvement

- Review the overall O&M billing & reconciliation activity at the Hub

- Ensure delivery augmentation based on business requirements from time to time

- Ensure effective network monitoring is done


- Drive Knowledge Management & Competency Building process

- Mentor the Circles and strengthen them to achieve their overall O&M targets in terms of cost control

- Plan, facilitate implementation and monitor the change management process that may be needed to be carried out as per business requirement

- Manage performance and development of the O&M team within the Hub:

- Ensure each team member has KRA/goals defined

- Mentor and coach the team members and conduct team meetings to share the process updates and discuss the performance of team

- Reward good performance of the team and ensure the team is motivated to achieve high performance


- Deviation % in terms of Infra Uptime as per the SLA

- % adherence to the overall O&M plan and budget

- % adherence in terms of monitoring and resolution of all the Critical, major and minor O&M related alarms raised as per the SLA (delay in days)

- Mean Time to response

- Mean Time to resolve

- % reduction in Opex costs as per the budget

- % delay in acceptance testing of sites offered by Projects

- Number of billing issues at Hub level

- Monthly O&M billing vis-à-vis collection

- % delay in SLA sign off from each customer

- % of delay on Footprint loading (namely additional equipment, racks, antenna etc.)

- No of non compliance arising from the Quality audit

- Attrition rate of the O&M team in the Hub

- Number of trainings organized for the team

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Posted By

Shubhra Arya

at VIOM Networks

Last Login: 06 April 2013

Job Views:  
Applications:  17
Recruiter Actions:  8

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