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Executive Vice President/Head - Business Finance - Fertilizer Business

18 - 25 Years.Pune
Posted 6 years ago
Posted 6 years ago

We are hiring for one of the fertilizer company

Job Description :

Role Head - Business Finance

Designation - Executive Vice President - Finance

Cadre/ Grade - Senior Management

Educational Qualification - CA/ MBA Finance Experience 18-20 years of experience in Corporate Finance

Reporting to - Administrative Functional - Chief Finance Officer

Direct Reportees - Administrative Functional - Sector Finance Heads of all five Sectors (IC, TAN, CNB, Manufacturing, VARE) Finance Head, Projects Sector

Key Internal Interactions Entity Purpose of Interaction -

- Business Unit Heads and Subsidiary/ JV Heads Understanding funding, working capital, cash flow and other requirements

- Internal Audit Coordinating audits and providing clarifications/ information on reporting and performance of subsidiaries

- IT Head Ensuring that the SAP and MIS systems reporting are accurate and timely information. To leverage IT Capabilities to the fullest.

- Business/ Sector Heads & Internal Board Evaluation of progress on strategic initiatives/ future opportunities/ new projects & initiatives

Key External Interactions Entity Purpose of Interaction -

- Statutory Auditors Audit of Financial Accounts, Tax audit, certifications etc.

- Tax experts, corporate lawyers, industry forums, etc Getting inputs on tax planning and other financial concepts/ instruments for subsidiaries, business / corporate structuring, legal issues etc.

- Insurance Company Senior officials Discussing different insurance policies / options available for risk mitigations

- Critical vendors / customers Exchange of thoughts and update of business issues.

- Analysts community Regular interactions to share Company's view point etc.

- Credit Rating Agencies Credit rating of the Company

Role Purpose -

Responsible for -

a. Overseeing performance management of Business, Manufacturing and Projects Sector

b. Overseeing financial and accounting control systems in the Business, Manufacturing and Projects

c. Ensuring the integrity, timeliness, and accuracy of financial information provided to the management to assist in decisions affecting growth and profitability of the Business Sectors d. Insuring adequately financial risks of the businesses / assets of Company e. Maintaining relationship with Analysts community f. Credit rating of the Company

g. Driving business including growth initiatives along with Sector Heads

Key Responsibilities -

Planning and Strategizing :

- Finalize business targets and annual business plan along with the Sector Heads

- Provide inputs to strategic planning team and management committee on progress being made on the strategic growth opportunities, e.g.- M&As, expansion, diversification etc. based on the road map agreed with each of the business units. Escalate challenges related to financial performance to CFO in a timely manner

- Policy and Process Design, Implementation and Review

- Define and ensure adherence to finance and accounting policies, procedures, processes and timelines including Annual Business Planning, cash flow management, accounts payable, accounts receivable and risk management processes in the sector

- Undertake regular review of Annual Business Plans, Cash flow forecasts and Fund-raising schedules

- Identify opportunities in the area of fiscal benefits and develop initiatives to maximize the same

- Provide inputs and take key decisions on taxation

- Review monthly/ quarterly/ annual accounts and MIS and sign-off P&L Account and Balance sheet for statutory reporting

- Oversee management of legal issues and contracts

- Oversee credit rating of the Company

- Coordination, Interface, Imparting Training

- Ensure timely internal audit and company secretarial work for the Sectors

- Interact with tax experts to get inputs on tax planning

- Interact with the analysts- community to improve the ratings / image of the Company

- Liaise with Sector Finance Heads to understand funding, working capital, cash flow and other requirements

- Management of performance, capability and morale

- Manage performance of the Business Partner team, support capability building and ensure that individual/ team morale and motivation is positive

- Infrastructure and Technology Investment and Management

Work with the Head - IT to ensure that the SAP and MIS systems are reporting accurate and timely information

Key Result Areas (KRAs) Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) -

- Adhere to Finance budget Corporate finance budget versus actual spend

- Ensure cost control through maximization of PBT- enhancing initiatives Total bottom-line impact of cost control initiatives spearheaded by Finance

- Maximize fiscal benefits Total benefits derived from opportunities

- Communicating with Analysts community Ratings of the Company by Equity Analysts

- Rating by credit rating agency

- Ensure efficient finance operations Overdue payables / total payables

- Overdue receivables / total receivables

- Bad debts / sales

- Project commissioning to capitalization lead time

- Evaluation of ongoing new projects to ensure no time or cost overruns In depth analysis leading to appropriate decision making

- Insurance of business financial risks / Company assets Insurance premium optimisation

- Ensure that organisational and finance MIS is completed on time Percentage compliance of MIS completion timelines

- Increase Employee Satisfaction Employee Feedback score on Finance team (reporting team and subsidiaries)

- Continuously build self-capability Number of Finance seminars and industry conferences attended

- Training man days completed

- Build team capability and morale and provide timely feedback Average training man days per employee in the Finance department

- Employee Engagement Score for Finance team members who are reporting to the role

- Finance team attrition rate

- Percentage of mid-year and final appraisals completed on time for direct reports

Technical Skills and Knowledge -

- In-depth knowledge of financial management concepts and trends

- Ability to develop and institutionalize new financial processes and controls

- Deep data analysis, planning and forecasting skills

- Knowledge of company's strategy, structure and practices

- Good interpersonal skills and confidence in interfacing with all levels of people, internally and externally

- Strong negotiation and relationship management skills

- Proven ability to build, sustain, and influence relationships, at all levels of an organization

- Deep people development, coaching and leadership/team building experience

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Senior Consultant at Antal International

Last Login: 31 August 2018

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Applications:  207
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