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Supriya Jain

HR Manager at DMI Finance

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DMI Finance - Senior Manager - Marketing & Corporate Communication

8 - 12 Years.Delhi NCR
Posted 10 months ago
Posted 10 months ago

Job Summary :To lead and orchestrate the seamless flow of communication, ensuring coherence, and maximizing impact across DMI's internal and external channels. This role is pivotal in aligning communication strategies with DMI's evolving business objectives and strengthening its brand presence.

Principal Accountabilities:

1. Internal Communication:

- Spearhead the development and implementation of an effective internal communication strategy in collaboration with the HR team.

- Partner closely with HR teams to orchestrate various initiatives, including newsletters, mailers, intranet updates, town hall meetings, and periodic off-site events.

- Oversee in-office branding efforts, particularly within branch offices.

- Develop and maintain a consistent tone and style for internal communications.

- Ensure alignment between internal messaging and the organization's goals and values.

- Collaborate with cross-functional teams to gather content and information for internal communications.

- Monitor and measure the effectiveness of internal communication channels and adjust strategies as needed.

- Craft engaging and informative internal communications to keep employees informed and engaged.

- Act as the central point of contact for internal communication inquiries and feedback.

- Continuously seek opportunities to enhance and innovate internal communication methods.

- Contribute to fostering a positive and informed organizational culture.

2. External Communications:

Public Relations:

- Ensure adherence to media policy by employees.

- Write and/or oversee the creation of press releases and subsequent distribution.

Employer Branding:

- Spearhead all employer branding initiatives.

- Foster collaboration with the social and digital teams, HR department, and other pertinent divisions to execute branding strategies effectively.

- Collaborate closely with the talent acquisition team to align hiring efforts with our branding activities.

- Continuously identify opportunities for enhancing our employer brand in the market.

- Monitor and measure the impact of employer branding initiatives.

- Craft compelling employer brand messages and stories.

- Develop and manage partnerships with external branding agencies, if needed.

- Stay updated on industry trends and best practices to ensure our employer brand remains competitive.

- Regularly assess and enhance our online presence as it pertains to employer branding.

- Oversee the design and production of employer branding materials and content.

- Ensure alignment between internal culture and external employer branding efforts.

- Act as the point of contact for any employer branding-related inquiries.

Customer Communication:

- Collaborate with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) team to devise and execute communication strategies aimed at fostering customer loyalty programs and enhancing brand awareness.

- Create and curate engaging content for customer communications in coordination with CRM and business units, utilizing a variety of communication channels.

- Develop and maintain a consistent brand voice and messaging across all customer-facing materials.

- Assist in the development and execution of marketing campaigns to promote products or services to target audiences.

- Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of communication strategies.

- Contribute to building a positive customer experience through effective communication and marketing efforts.

- Serve as a point of contact for business/marketing communication and ensuring timely and appropriate responses.

- Support the organization's goals and objectives through impactful communication and marketing efforts.

- Collaborate with external partners and vendors as needed to execute marketing initiatives along with the team.


- Assist in managing the presence at industry events, trade shows, and conferences (when needed).

- Coordinate and execute the design/collaterals needed for the offline product launch and sponsorship events.

Team Management:

- Supervise the direct reports.

- Groom the direct reports for their professional growth.

- Co-create the marketing & communications budget along with Brand & Communication Head and ensure compliance.

a) Qualifications

Postgraduate Mass Communication

b) Work Experience

- Brand and Media Communication Expertise: Proven experience in managing communication strategies within the Financial Services Industry. Demonstrated success in enhancing brand reputation and visibility through effective communication campaigns.

- Exceptional Communication Skills: Outstanding written and verbal communication abilities with a keen eye for detail. Proficiency in crafting compelling narratives, press releases, articles, and other communication materials.

- Innovative Thinker: Track record of innovative thinking and creative problem-solving in communication strategies. Ability to devise fresh and engaging approaches.

- Proactive Leadership: Highly proactive and self-driven. Demonstrated ability to take the initiative in identifying communication opportunities and addressing challenges promptly.

- Stakeholder Engagement: Experience in managing relationships with media, agencies, and key internal stakeholders.

- Multi-Channel Proficiency: Familiarity with a variety of communication channels, both traditional and digital.

- Team Leadership: Previous experience in leading and mentoring communication teams, fostering a collaborative and innovative work culture.

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Posted By


Supriya Jain

HR Manager at DMI Finance

Last Login: 18 July 2024

Job Views:  
Applications:  153
Recruiter Actions:  39

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