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HR/Leadership Hiring Specialist at Global Search Firm

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India Operations – Manage India operations. Head Accounting and Finance functions. Support Company’s accounting and financial functions using job descriptions, policies, and procedures.

Equity / Debt financing – Overall debt management viz., borrowing, interest, repayment

- control India entity;

- co-ordinatefor global requirements.

Financial Reporting of the listed entity – Responsible for consolidation of financial results in co-ordination with the respective Finance Heads of the subsidiaries / group companies. Certify the balance sheet of the Company.

The detailed job description is as follows:

Company performance –

- Serve as a member of the Board of Directors and its Committees.

- Participate in key decisions pertaining to strategic initiatives, operating model and operational execution.

- Accountable for the administrative, financial, and risk management operations of the Company.

- Responsible for development of a financial and operational strategy, metrics tied to that strategy, and the on-going development and monitoring of control systems designed to preserve Company assets and report accurate financial results to the Board.

- Understand Company’s business model for generating customer value and translate the operational metrics into measures for performance.

- As a true business partner to the CEO and divisional presidents, assess organizational performance against both the annual budget and Company’s long-term strategy.

- Represent the company to financial partners, including financial institutions, investors, auditors, public officials, etc.


- Establish and maintain lines of communication with investment bankers, financial analysts, and shareholders in conjunction with the CEO.

- Assess financial requirements, develop ways in which financial requirements can be satisfied, establish and execute financial arrangements. Monitor cash balance and cash forecast.

- Oversee and control capital structure of the Company and arrange for debt and equity financing.Co-ordinate with respective Finance Heads for global requirements.

- Administer banking arrangements and loan agreements and maintain adequate sources of capital for the Company’s current borrowings from commercial banks and other lending institutions.

- Approve all agreements concerning financial obligations and other actions requiring a commitment of financial resource.

- Invest Company’s surplus funds, if available, in a profitable manner, considering risk and liquidity.

- Enhance and implement financial and accounting systems, processes, tools and control systems.

Company Liabilities – Understand company’s liabilities - legal contracts, statutory and tax obligations, hidden liabilities in the form of contingencies, leases, or insurance summaries, and expectations from loan covenants and/or the Board of Directors.

Risk Management –

- Understand and mitigate key elements of the Company's risk profile.

- Monitor, in conjunction with the CEO, all open legal issues involving the Company, and legal issues affecting the industry.

- Construct and monitor reliable control systems.

- Maintain appropriate insurance coverage.

- Ensure that the Company complies with all legal and regulatory requirements.

- Report risk issues to the audit committee of the Board of Directors.

- Maintain relations with external auditors and investigate their findings and recommendations.

Budgeting and Expense Control –

- Oversee budget process, collect inputs and compare Company’s actual performance with estimates (budget).

- Develop financial business plans and forecasts.

Record control and compliance –

- Ensure maintenance of appropriate financial records.

- Present and report accurate and timely financial information.

- Ensure audits are completed in time and statutory book closing occur.

- Ensure compliance with financial regulations and standards and other statutory requirements under Listing Agreement, FEMA, the Companies Act, Income Tax Act, etc.

- Establish and monitor adequate authority matrix for various activities.

- Ensure maintenance of appropriate internal controls and financial procedures.

Operations –

- Participate in key decisions as a member of the executive management team.

- Implement operational best practices.

- Identify and report what areas of the Company are most efficient and how the Company can capitalize on this information – economic forecasting and modeling.

- Assist in establishing yearly objectives and meeting agendas, and selecting and engaging outside consultants (auditors, investment advisors).

- Supervise, lead and ensure closure of specific projects such as acquisition, merger, etc.

- Oversee cash, investment and asset management.

- Oversee Accounts Receivables management and provide support to collection activities.

Team management–Mentor and develop the accounting and finance team, managing work allocation, training, problem resolution, performance evaluation, and the building of an effective team dynamic.

Compensation will be in the range of Rs.40 - 50 L pa

Prefer CA or ICWAI's.

Please send in ur profiles to

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HR/Leadership Hiring Specialist at Global Search Firm

Last Login: 01 April 2024

Job Views:  
Applications:  7
Recruiter Actions:  1

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