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Associate Talent Acquisition at Zyoin

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Branch Head - Sales

14 - 23 Years.Vadodara/Baroda/Ahmedabad
Posted 2 months ago
Posted 2 months ago

Branch Head:

The role of Branch Head is situated within the larger framework of the sales division of the organization. Their main responsibility is to supervise and manage the sales activities in a specific branch, with the aim of fostering business expansion. They have a vital role in executing the organization's sales plans, meeting sales goals, and ensuring that the branch effectively contributes to the overall sales objectives.

Job Challenges (Provide information on the difficulty / complexity in the job , Nature and variety of most typical problems, Major Challenges, Critical aspects of the job, Help available - Internal, External):

- Attaining predetermined sales objectives and fostering business expansion within the designated branch.

- Exercising leadership and motivating a diverse sales team to fulfill performance expectations.

- Striking a balance between actively pursuing new business prospects and nurturing existing customer relationships.

- Enhancing sales efficiency by proficiently managing costs, ensuring profitability remains intact.

- Effectively managing and adapting to market competition and evolving customer demands."

- The Branch Head will have a direct reporting relationship with the Regional Business Head and a matrix reporting relationship with the National Sales Head.

- Briefly describe the major responsibilities of your immediate subordinates, indicating their respective team size:

Area Manager:

- Supervise and assume responsibility for a designated area within the branch.

- Actively propel sales performance within the assigned area.

- Effectively manage a team consisting of Territory Managers.

- Offer leadership and support to the Territory Managers under their supervision.

- Monitor and evaluate sales activities and performance.

- Guarantee the efficient implementation of sales strategies and plans.

Territory Manager:

- Identify prospective customers, generate leads, and successfully convert leads into sales.

- Accomplish sales targets and facilitate the expansion of the customer base.

- Establish and nurture customer relationships, ensuring their continual maintenance.

Services Department:

- Render comprehensive after-sales support and services to customers.

- Manage tasks related to installation, maintenance, repairs, and technical assistance.

- Foster seamless coordination by collaborating with the sales team.

- Uphold elevated levels of customer satisfaction.

- Financial / Annual budgetary amounts (E.g Sales, Profit, Manpower budet, operating budget) with which your job is either directly or indirectly concerned

- Annual Sales Budget

- Sales Revenue

- Gross Margin

- Sales Growth Rate

- Debtors Turnover Ratio

- Stock Turnover Ratio

- Cost of Sales

- Expense budget

- Cost reduction target"

- Other key quantitative measures that reflects volume, scale of service or activities relating to your work (For e.g. number of branches, quantity of production etc.)

- Customer Acquisition Rate

- Market share

- Sales Conversion Rate

- Average Sales Cycle length

- Customer Lifetime Value

- Retention and churn rates"

- Develop and implement comprehensive and well-defined strategic sales plans to effectively achieve revenue targets and drive substantial business growth for the assigned branch.

- Manage and motivate the sales team to meet performance targets and implement targeted employee engagement and retention initiatives to nurture talent and strengthen team cohesion.

- Monitor and analyze market trends, competitor activities, and customer feedback to identify growth opportunities and adjust sales strategies accordingly.

- Conduct thorough and proactive competitor analysis, continuously monitoring market trends, identifying emerging opportunities and potential threats.

- State the key decisions that the role holder is involved in:

- Take the lead in initiating and overseeing initiatives aimed at expanding the network, identifying prospective markets and pinpointing strategic locations to drive business growth.

- Contribute to the recruitment process and actively participate in making decisions to assemble a high-achieving sales team.

- Implement cost control measures with the objective of optimizing expenses and enhancing profitability.

- Monitor and exercise control over the financial status of debtors and stock, ensuring prompt payments and efficient management of inventory.

- Efficiently utilize logistics and after-sales services to ensure timely delivery and achieve customer satisfaction.

- Evaluate and grant approval for marketing initiatives, sales promotions, and advertising campaigns to elevate brand visibility and foster customer engagement.

- Provide recommendations on market trends, customer needs and competitor analysis to assist in strategic planning and decision-making.

- Propose improvements to sales processes, systems and policies to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

- Recommend changes in product offerings, pricing or distribution strategies based on customer feedback and market insights.

- Graduate in any discipline and M.B.A. (Full-time) / One-year executive programme.

- Should possess 14-23 years of experience, preferably in a related industry.

- Proven track record in achieving sales targets and building strong customer relationships."

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Associate Talent Acquisition at Zyoin

Last Login: 08 April 2024

Job Views:  
Applications:  113
Recruiter Actions:  76

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