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AVP/VP - Supply Chain Management/Logistics - Retail

12 - 18 Years.Bangalore
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Posted 1 year ago

AVP / VP SCM Logistics

- The client is a technology-driven platform company that provides direct-to-consumer web commerce solutions for leading Retail Brands. Client, with its proprietary platform, integrates online and offline retail channels automating and optimizing Omni-Channel fulfilment. The platform provides brands with a single view of inventory. It helps reduce the costs and complexity of Omni-Channel transformation for brands by using their existing framework and systems.

- Clients' solutions are currently used by brands such as Ray-Ban, Puma, Max, Lifestyle, Fossil and more. Clients Omni-Channel platform comprising of technology, logistics, and customer support enables brands and retailers to improve the post-click commerce experience of their customers. And is looking for a AVP/VP SCM with 15 years of experience from Premier Institutes as NITIE, IIT, IIM, Symbiosis, SP Jain etc.

The role encompasses:

Key Tasks:

- Develop and implement logistics strategic plan

- Oversee administrative and operational areas of the department

- Maintain relationship with key accounts and other relevant stakeholders

- Update management on the performance of the company's logistics operations

- Manage development and motivation of staff, and ensure effectiveness and efficiency of their service delivery

- Drive business development activities with new and current principals, and for new products and services related to logistics industry and services

- Manage departmental resources and ensure proper allocation to maximize return of investment

- Determine and plan departmental manpower requirements in conjunction with business heads

- Oversee and manage the commercial activities of the company

Inventory Management:

- Ensuring that all the dispatches to customers are carried out in time & are complete.

- Carry out inventory control of finished goods inventory at Plant and Depot.

- Direct responsibility for the availability, inventory control & reconciliation of stock across locations.

- Design & implementation of the inventory control & management processes.

- Breakages in depot & during transit, have to be monitored.

- Discipline of the workforce in the finished goods inventory area.

Maintenance of Statutory Compliance and Records required:

- Preparing daily/weekly or monthly reports on transportation dispatches & finished goods inventory.

- Check whether the statutory compliances are adhered & followed from time to time

- GST Implementation.

Transport Management:

- Tendering, negotiating, finalizing transport contracts / agreements.

- To optimize logistics cost in order to ensure overall savings.

- Check the manpower handling & training the manpower on the proper handling of the finished good & its storage management across the location.

4) People Capability Development.

Job Requirements:

Skills and Competencies:

- Effective Communication

- Puts across thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively using appropriate language and grammar in written and oral forms of communication

- Strategic Thinking

- Draws on a mix of previous experiences and industry information to create effective strategies and long-term plans that seize opportunities, anticipate emerging issues and risks and collaborate with the right individuals

- Leading Change

- Brings about and manages change in priorities, strategies, customer needs and workplace conditions to achieve company's objectives

- Communicates the need and rationale for change efficiently to ensure that all stakeholders are comfortable with it

- People Management

- Maximizes the potential of employees through proper guidance, effective communication, talent development, performance management, knowledge expansion and motivation

- Accountability

- Takes ownership of work and mistakes

- Holds self and others accountable for performance

- Determines objectives and sets priorities

- Commits to looking after Aceturtle's valuable assets including people and property

- Business and Financial Acumen

- Possesses and employs a general understanding of financial management principles and practices to come up with sound and responsible decisions

- Uses information about business drivers and trends such as revenue, costs, customer requirements as well as short and long-term needs to guide activities

- Judgement

- Discerns pertinent information and formulates effective strategies

- Decision Making

- Derives logical conclusions from several options given

- Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills

- Uses inductive and deductive reasoning to analyze and evaluate complex ideas and situations in a logical and systematic way

- Analyses patterns, trends and mismatched information critically to derive meaningful conclusions

- Provides solutions by creating and implementing new methodologies

- Industry and Product Knowledge

- Possesses good knowledge of products and services provided by the company, department or business unit to customers

- Applies knowledge to serve existing customers and gain new ones

- Stays updated about industry and job-related trends and changes

- Negotiating and Influencing

- Presents position on issues effectively to gain support and acceptance from stakeholders including colleagues, suppliers and customers to execute a desired course of action that is consistent with company goals

- Explores possible outcomes and solutions to achieve a win-win situation

- Planning and Organizing

- Establishes the best course of action in achieving desired results and organizes the resources needed to meet objectives

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Subir Sinha

HR Consultant at Subir Sinha HR & Corporate Advisory

Last Login: 23 May 2024

Job Views:  
Applications:  752
Recruiter Actions:  34

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