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Associate - Asset Management - Real Estate

6 - 10 Years.Mumbai
Posted 2 weeks ago
Posted 2 weeks ago

Associate - Asset Management

Mumbai, Real Estate - Asset Management - Asset Management

We are seeking a talented and dynamic Associate - Asset Management at Mumbai for one of the largest Industrial real estate developers with presence across India.

Education Requirements: Bachelor's Degree preferably with a post graduate Management degree

Work Experience Requirements: Overall 7+ years

- Leverage expertise in financial modelling to evaluate existing investments

- Assess and analyze Investment Rate of Return (IRR), Return on Investment (ROI), and Multiple on Invested Capital (MOIC) for the investments in his span of control

- Develop and maintain sophisticated financial models for accurate performance forecasting.

- Utilize financial metrics to guide strategic decision-making in asset management.

- Proactively identify and assess potential problems across various project sites.

- Conduct thorough risk assessments to pre-empt challenges in project execution

- Collaborate with site teams to anticipate and address potential issues before they escalate.

- Develop and implement risk mitigation strategies to minimize project disruptions

- Provide expertise in assessing the financial viability and market attractiveness of potential lease options and its impact of project returns

- The role thus require you to be owner of the asset under your span of control and evaluate the asset from projects, leasing, compliance, and Investment returns perspective.

- The role is part of Asset Management team and reports to Principal - Asset Management.

Key KPIs:

1. Asset and Capital Management:

- Asset Performance Ratio: A measure of asset performance against the underwriting estimates.

2. Project Planning and Execution:

- Project Cost Variance: Comparison of actual project costs against the planned budget.

- Project Timeline Adherence: Percentage of project milestones achieved on time.

3. Leasing and Marketing:

- Lease Occupancy Rate: Percentage of leased space against the total available space.

- Lease Renewal Rate: Percentage of leases renewed.

- Client Acquisition Rate: Number of new clients acquired over a specified period.

4. Reporting and Analysis:

- Accuracy of Reporting: Accuracy of financial and operational data reported.

- Timeliness of Reporting: Adherence to reporting schedules.

- Strategy Development and Execution

- Execution Strategy Effectiveness: Measure of the effectiveness of execution strategies in terms of project commitments and approved KPIs.

- Policy Compliance Rate: Level of compliance with asset management and capital planning strategies, policies, processes, and procedures.

5. Operations Management:

- Budget Adherence: Variance between actual spending and budgeted amounts.

- Operational Efficiency: Assessment of operations against industry benchmarks such as net operating income, operating expenses, and return on investment.

6. Quality and Safety Management:

- Safety Compliance Rate: Adherence to established safety standards and protocols.

- Quality Compliance Rate: Adherence to quality standards and benchmarks.

7. Team Management and Development:

- Team Performance Index: Performance of teams across different locations against set targets.

- Employee Training Completion Rate: Percentage of mandatory training completed by team members.

- Growth and Expansion

- Client Retention Rate: Percentage of existing clients retained.

- New Client Acquisition Rate: Number of new clients acquired over a specified period.

8. Client Engagement:

- Client Satisfaction Index: Derived from feedback and surveys from clients.

- Service Delivery Rating: Rating of service delivery against industry standards or client expectations.

9. Financial Performance:

- Return on Investment (ROI): Measurement of financial returns against the invested capital.

- Net Operating Income Growth: Growth rate of net operating income over a specified period.

10. Lease Negotiation and Structuring:

- Successful Lease Negotiation Rate: Number of successful lease negotiations completed over a specified period.

- Lease Structuring Efficiency: Assessment of lease structuring in terms of maximizing property value and return on investment.


Key Behavioral Capabilities:

- Experience in leading the multi-site asset management operations with a Real Estate Fund or Real Estate Company / Developers

- Strong track record of lease negotiations & structuring, navigating the client engagement/ business development process, improving net operating income, with the goal of maximizing property's value and return on investment

- Demonstrated performance with maximizing occupancy with maximizing revenue

- Overseeing the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the properties

- Remarkable track record of delivering on revenue, margins, operations excellence & quality and margin improvement targets

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Posted By

Jasleen Walia

Consultant at Indusion Consulting Services Pvt Ltd

Last Login: 13 June 2024

Job Views:  
Applications:  40
Recruiter Actions:  33

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