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Assembly Luggage - Lead - Finance Controller - CA

5 - 10 Years.Delhi
Posted 2 months ago
Posted 2 months ago

Finance Controller Lead

Job Title: Finance Controller- Lead

Location: Gurgaon/ Delhi can be discussed

Experience: 5 to 10 years

Company Profile:

Assembly Travel:

We are a high growth D2C brand in the luggage space. Our design philosophy is to create products that make travel experience better, enabling smoother transit & better organization on a trip. Our core distribution & marketing channels are digital with specific emphasis on direct-to-consumer (own website).

Job Description:

Financial Controls Implementation:

- Design and implement strong internal control environment to mitigate financial risks and safeguard the organization's assets.

- Conduct regular reviews and audits to ensure compliance with established controls and identify areas for improvement.

- Streamline workflows to enhance efficiency.

- Sales Operations Oversight

- Ensure accurate and timely recording of sales transactions in accordance with the revenue recognition policies.

- Analyze sales data to identify trends, assess the effectiveness of promotional activities, and provide insights for future strategies.

Accounts Receivable:

- Implement controls to ensure accurate and timely Receipts and Reconciliations.

- Oversee the credit and collections process, monitoring aging reports and taking proactive measures to address overdue accounts.

- Minimize bad debt risk.

Inventory Control:

- Establish and maintain effective inventory management controls to optimize reorder points, reduce excess inventory, minimize carrying costs, prevent stockouts and ensure accurate valuation.

- Implement periodic inventory counts and reconciliation procedures.

Expense Control:

- Establish processes for the review, verification, and approval of expense invoices, ensuring accuracy and compliance with the contractual terms.

- Analyze the rates charged by vendors for goods and services, benchmarking against industry standards and market trends. Identify opportunities to negotiate better rates or seek alternative suppliers without compromising quality or service levels.

- Implement mechanisms for accurately allocating expenses to appropriate cost centres.

- Provide regular reports and analysis on cost highlighting areas of overspending or underspending for management attention.

- Conduct regular audits of expense invoices and supporting documentation to ensure compliance with the Company policies and regulatory requirements.

Other Tasks:

- Regular review of Accounts Payable and Other GL Accounts.

- Ensure that book keeping is complete and accurate till date.

Financial Reporting:

- Ensure accurate and timely preparation of financial statements, reports, and analyses in compliance with relevant accounting standards and regulations.

- Provide clear and concise financial reports to the Management, highlighting key financial metrics and trends.

Regulatory Compliance:

- Stay updated with changes in financial regulations, accounting standards, and tax laws.

- Oversee the timely and accurate filing of all tax returns, including GST, TDS, statutory audit and other applicable taxes.

- Collaborate with tax advisors to ensure compliance with reporting obligations.

- Establish controls to verify the accuracy of financial data submitted for tax returns.

- Cash Flow / Working Capital Management

- Manage cash flow to ensure organization's liquidity needs are met.

- Optimize working capital and make recommendations for improvement in cash flow efficiency.

- Team Leadership and Development

- Lead and mentor the accounting and finance team, providing guidance and support.

- Foster a culture of continuous improvement and professional development within the finance department.

The job will require:

- Cross functional Collaboration with internal team (e.g. Management, Business, Operations, etc.) and external consultants (e.g. auditors, consultants, company secretary, lawyers, investors, etc.).

- Strong understanding of internal controls, risk management and compliance.

- Analytical mindset with a focus on continuous improvement.

- Excellent communication and leadership skills.

Contact: 8588840335

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HR and Admin at Assembly Luggage

Last Login: 29 May 2024

Job Views:  
Applications:  81
Recruiter Actions:  23

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