SP Jain - Professional Technology Program In Fintech (2-10 yrs)

Gain knowledge and competencies at the intersection of Finance and Technology and explore highly rewarding careers

Course Snapshot
  • Work Experience2 - 10 Years
  • Duration9 Months
  • Delivery MethodBlended- Online + Classroom
Course Detail

Fintech (Financial Technology) is an ecosystem supported by the disruptive technology used to make banking and financial services more accessible, faster, cost and time effective, and easy to perform and consume.

A recent report on the Future of Fintech and Banking by consulting firm Accenture estimates that global Fintech investment has tripled since 2008, and will rise to $500 billion before the decade ends. Fintech is not only going to be an enabler but also the driving engine of the future. The Fintech revolution has only just begun and we welcome you to be at its forefront with our 9-month weekend program.

SP Jain's Professional Program in Fintech - The first of its kind in Asia - Offers a unique learning experience that will enable professionals to witness the pervasiveness of technology in mainstream platforms. It offers a great opportunity to ride the Fintech wave, gain insights and competencies at the intersection of Finance and Technology, discover innovations that are pushing boundaries, and explore highly rewarding careers in one of the most promising fields of today.

Why Fintech?
- Global Fintech software and services sector expected to grow to USD 45 billion by 2020
- In 2016, Fintech companies around the world raised a total of ~$36 billion in financing
- India among the top 3 countries in the world with the highest number of Fintech start-ups
- Over 1500 funding deals in 2016 from over 1700 unique investors.

The Fintech revolution has only just begun and we welcome you to be at its forefront with our unique industry-driven program.

9-month weekend program (Program makes use of a Blended Learning Model comprising online, face-to-face and application-based tools)

Program exposes you to technologies such as Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Big Data

Program Highlights
Developed specifically for the Banking, Finance and Technology industries in collaboration with experts and leaders, the program will equip you to:

- Be at the forefront of technology innovation.
- Improve existing business models and financial solutions using cutting-edge Emerging Technologies.
- Integrate cutting-edge Fintech solutions into the lives of tech-savvy and sophisticated customers.
- Rework financial regulations, innovation and customer behaviour, and uncover opportunities for connecting with changing markets, trends and institutions.

Program Outcome
The program gives you the opportunity to explore highly challenging and rewarding careers in one of this decade's hottest industries.

Graduates will be well-positioned for roles in areas such as investment banking, automated digital investment services, robo-advisory, online lending, e-insurance, emerging technology experts, and technology strategy.

Some of the world's best companies - Barclays, IBM, HP, Microsoft, Dell, Accenture, Intel, CISCO, Oracle, Lenovo, Deloitte, Thomson Reuters and Capgemini - are participating in FinTech and expanding their practices in this area. FinTech specialists are among the most in-demand today, and skills in this domain can result in greater rewards, recognition and career progression.

On completing the program students can look forward to exciting careers with industries where finance and technology play a critical role. These include Banking, Insurance, Mutual Fund, Consulting, Education, Payments, Retail and more. Students will be equipped to play key roles in FinTech-focused investment banking, automated digital investment services, robo-advisory, online lending, e-insurance, emerging technology and technology strategy. Besides conventional corporates, students will also have the opportunity to either start their own business or join existing startups in FinTech.

About SP Jain
We are SP Jain School of Global Management, one of Asia's top-ranked global business schools with campuses in Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney. Our goal is simple - to craft business leaders for the 21st century. We are young, modern and ranked among the very best business schools in the world.

Desired Candidate Profile

The program is ideal for students from various streams aiming at a career in Fintech. Executive associates within the financial services, banking and insurance sectors, as well as those working in e-commerce, management consulting or within a tech startup may consider applying to the program. Specific roles that would benefit include: tech entrepreneurs, analysts, product managers, software or app developers, business development managers, finance professionals, and digital strategists operating in the finance sector.

To apply for the program, applicants must have:

- A Bachelor's degree
- A reasonable interest to pursue a career in Fintech
- For students with a work experience of over 2 years