SOIL & CEDEP - Accelerating Business Excellence | Global Certification Program

Be a part of a Unique Journey from Management to Leadership by SOIL & CEDEP

Course Snapshot
  • FeeINR 3,70,000 + GST
  • Work Experience7 - 30 Years
  • Duration9 Days
  • Delivery MethodClassroom
Course Detail

About SOIL:

School of Inspired Leadership, SOIL was co-created by 32 companies with the aim to build global leaders. SOIL has over 17 years of experience in Strategic HR Consulting and Executive Education. Having worked with marquee names across various industries, the core group and the team at SOIL bring a rich array of experience, knowledge, strong ''academic rigour'' and an established track record in consulting. SOIL brings together some of the finest resources globally for engagements and uses our deep understanding of the company ethos, culture and values to deliver meaningful solutions.

About CEDEP:

CEDEP, also known as The European Centre for Executive Development, is an international, organization co-located on the INSEAD campus in Fontainebleau, France. With nearly 50 years of experience, CEDEP is one of a kind - an international executive education development club for organizations. It operates as a corporate university for a diverse set of global companies including Loreal, Aviva, Renault, Bekaert, etc. With a network of 100 visiting faculty and lecturers based all over the globe, it works with organizations to uncover emerging themes and exchange ideas with managers in other industries.

Accelerating Business Excellence:

The ABE is designed to increase the Business Skills and Leadership Capabilities of managers who lead Key Units, Departments or Functions, and aspire to be senior leaders in their organizations. ABE takes a Multiple-Intelligence based approach to learning, involving, facilitated dialogue and classroom sessions, strategic business projects, storytelling, informal sessions with distinguished leaders, role-playing, and networking opportunities, to provide new insights. Inspired by the Achieving Managerial Excellence (AME) & Mastering Business Excellence (MBE), the flagship programs hosted by CEDEP in Europe, North America and China, SOIL and CEDEP are proud to bring the Accelerating Business Excellence (ABE) program to India.

Topics Covered:

Blended together, the themes provide participants with a holistic view of the corporation, both on the functional and behavioural aspects, within a global and regional context (India):

Participants will do an in-depth study of matters like ''What is value in the scenario?'' (value chain and beyond), ''how to navigate the modern organization'' (digital transformation, business analytics, design thinking), ''excelling in core management disciplines'' (finance, strategy and operations), and ''how to become a role model and coach''.
The program includes a visit to the start-up community to contrast classic versus emerging organizations.
At the end of the program participants will become a part of the SOIL and the CEDEP alumni communities.

Objectives of the Program:

The ABE will take participants on a journey of self-discovery into management and leadership. They will gain insight and obtain valuable tools to enhance their business knowledge which will be beneficial in their day to day business functions. The ABE prepares managers for the next step in their career, towards leadership roles, in a regional context.
- A more strategic approach to the corporation, its environment and today's challenges
- Identification of areas for value creation, new thinking and opportunities
- Gaining the posture of a leader and developing agile leadership skills
- Increase the business skills and leadership capabilities of managers to prepare them for the next step in their career within the organisation
- Create the right context for collaboration using a peer group learning approach
- Gain deeper insights on the Indian context


Loic Sadoulet

Loic Sadoulet is Affiliate Professor of Economics at INSEAD. He holds a PhD in Economics from Princeton University. He has been teaching at INSEAD since 2000 in executive development programs, the MBA and executive MBA programs. His research focuses on business development and expansion in emerging economies, both by local efforts and through entry by multinational companies. His interests lie in creating profitable agreements in environments with substantial information gaps. A major line of his research has concentrated on the design of financial servicesthat can be extended (profitably) to traditionally neglected segments. Recently, he has also been involved in investigating ICT-based solutions to create new profitable markets for a range of

Jens Meyer:

Jens Meyer's teaching and development focus on innovation and change. His approach is to explore industrial or managerial beliefs, reveal dysfunctional aspects and he proposes means and measures to overcome them.
He is the Dean of Programmes at CEDEP, Adjunct Professor at INSEAD and holds appointments at other academic institutions such as the University of Applied Science of Worms (Fachhochschule Worms) in Germany. Jens Meyer graduated with an MBA in Innovation, Strategy and Information Technology in 1992 from the French Business School Theseus at Sophia Antipolis. He then went to INSEAD, Fontainebleau, where he co-founded the Centre for Advanced Learning Technologies.

Avnish Sabharwal:
Avnish Sabharwal is Managing Director in Accenture, responsible for Accenture Ventures. He has 25 years of distinguished track record of achievement and performance around developing, growing and turning around businesses for Top 500 Fortune clients in mature and emerging markets. He is currently serving as elected
member of NASSCOM Product Council and Mentor of Change, Atal Innovation Mission. Avnish is part of the Big Data and AI Steering Committee for India headed by Ministry of IT and Telecom, Government of India. Awarded the Most Innovative Leader Award, 2018.

Desired Candidate Profile

The ABE is designed for department/functional managers with 10+ years of work experience in mid-sized and large organizations. The program benefits participants by providing them with a holistic business perspective, thereby enabling them to take on higher roles.

Course Modules

Participants will take an in-depth dive into matters like ''What is the value in the scenario?'' (value chain and beyond!), ''how to navigate the modern organization'' (digital transformation, business analytics, design thinking & nudging), ''excelling in core management disciplines'' (finance, strategy and operations) and ''how to become a role model and coach''. The design includes a visit to a start-up community to contrast classic versus emerging organizations. Blended together, all the themes help participants to create the perfect environment to maximize their learnings and apply new ideas on a big scale, to have an impact on overall performance as well as the culture of the company.

The ABE takes a Multiple Intelligence based approach to learning which involves facilitated dialogue and classroom sessions, strategic business projects, storytelling, role-playing, informal sessions with distinguished leaders, and networking opportunities, to provide new insights.

Each participant will develop their individual project in line with the strategy of their company. They will be asked to prepare their challenge before they arrive on campus for the program. These projects will serve as a red-thread during the program and will be used as learning enablers during the discussion. They will nurture their project over the course of the program, identifying bottlenecks and enablers to collaboration in their organization.