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Hi I am Prasad, don’t let my INSEAD MBA fool you I’ve been a lifelong entrepreneur and this is my story.

The educational challenge that struck a chord with us was poor employability. Its unacceptable that in a nation of a billion, only 10% of our graduates were ‘employable’, just 10%! We started a school- Vishwajyot High School, New Bombay - close to a decade ago and have some insight into the space and we feel this is largely due to poor English communication skills. Poor employability contrasted against rising aspirations and fattening wallets of our vast populous outside of major metros presented me with a major opportunity. As a way to get started on closing this need gap we have started at the very beginning, with preschools. We hacked our way into the labs of neurobiologists and cognitive scientists to design a superb preschool program with the aim of making kids own the language like they do their mother tongue. Why preschool? I challenge you and your 3-year-old niece to learn ‘Japanese’ and when she starts kicking your ass you'll have your answer


We’ve been at it for over a year now and it’s been one of the most exhilarating but terrifying years of my life. Amrut and I haven’t had a day off since he got back from his MBA at Duke, but all the little achievements keep us going. Such as, last June we started our first pre school in the small town of Phaltan (before we got there, kids were having to travel 60kms each way to access a good school), and today our 3 year olds are already talking, playing and thinking in English! Our model is working! We now have 12 pre schools in total and are pushing the pace to set up 5 new centres per month!

Each week when we look at Wunderbar Kids, it’s a new beast with a new set of problems. From standardizing-location-selection, streamlining operations, recruitment & training of entrepreneurial-centre-heads, enhancing our value proposition, getting more PR going, enhancing the website, social media to what should be the colour of the walls & how much shall we pay the watchman, Having said that, the plan still is to accelerate the pace a few more notches - get bigger, better but faster! Preschools are only the start, we will use our centers as beachheads to give us a local presence and tackle the problem of employability through a variety of products and technologies. Our sights are set on having 100,000 learners on the books. Yep, ‘challenging’ is an understatement, and as our Angel Investor & Advisor Srikant Datar (Sr. Associate Dean Harvard Business School) says - we need some equally crazy people to make it happen!

To achieve awesome things, we need an awesome team and that’s why we are here. We are looking for Directors to bolster our top management team (basically a CXO level position) – ladies & gents who’ll take Wunderbar forward with us. We are looking for people who are fantastic in at least one of the five areas - Marketing, Sales, Operations, HR and Finance. However be warned, whatever your previous experience may be, you’ll have more than one hat on and these hats will depend more on the company requirements and your abilities than on your area of specialisation! Let’s chat about what rocks your boat. Chart out your own path so that you may one day become the CEO. What’s not negotiable is having fun!

You’ll be responsible to lead a team, contribute to the noise at the boardroom during brainstorming sessions, establish processes and systems & ensure the deliverable takes place on-time, on-budget and is simply the best. The role will also be very hands-on, so we are looking for people willing to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. If you have the hunger to make it big, drive to create a huge impact, the courage to face uncertainty, the willingness to take the risk and would like to work directly with the CEO, get in touch with us at

But instead of just a CV, also tell us how you would solve the employability problem in India, feel free to demonstrate your expertise (Sales, Marketing, Operation, Finance etc.) in this analysis

Prasad Dhumal

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