IIM Ahmedabad - Saying it all - Gender, Leadership and Communication (2-30 yrs)

IIM Ahmedabad certified 6 days Workshop

Course Snapshot
  • FeeINR 1,40,000 + ST
  • Work Experience2 - 30 Years
  • Duration6 Days
  • Delivery MethodClassroom
  • Reg. End Date16 Oct 2017
  • Course Starts On29 Oct 2017
  • Course Closes On03 Nov 2017
Course Detail

About Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM A)

IIM-A was set up by the Government of India in collaboration with the Government of Gujarat and Indian industry as an autonomous institution in 1961. The Institute provides education, training, consulting and research facilities in management.


Effective communication with multiple stakeholders within and outside an organisation is a mandate for organisational success. The increasing number of women in all sectors has added a new dimension to existing communication patterns. Many corporate houses have begun to feel the need to review and restructure existing communication modes to cater to gender diversity within organisation.

The major challenge before us is to comprehend the strategic intent of organisations in focusing on existing and changing mixed gender communication patterns and look for appropriate responses. Some of the questions which can be deliberated upon are: Is there any difference in the communication patterns between men and women in organisations or is it a myth that should be dispelled? How can the differences, if any, be resolved? What is required and what will lead to a better workplace culture? While all these questions do stimulate the thinking process and lead to a healthy discussion, there are no straight responses or clear-cut solutions.

Managers in search of answers to these questions have joined us in the past to experience, create and develop communication strategies that can be suitably applied in differing/same-gender groups.

Gender, Leadership and Communication has been developed in response to the growing need in the business world to understand the communication patterns in mixed and same gender teams and develop strategies that enhance workplace culture and help sustain superior performance. Aimed at middle and senior managers - both men and women - the programme will help to take a new look at the existing scenario and aid in developing fresh perspectives about oneself and others. During the six days of the programme, participants will be encouraged to explore the mindset of both genders, identify, and fortify communicative behaviours that support a productive work environment. In the process, the participants will:

- Gain knowledge of interaction patterns
- Refine and hone communication skills


- Sensitise participants to gender differences and their impact on workplace productivity
- Help participants break stereotypes and prejudices about co-workers of the same and opposite gender
- Increase appreciation of the different strengths men and women bring to the workplace as members of a team
- Increase manager's skills in communicating, asserting and presenting
- Improve overall communication competence

Study Center(s)

Venue and Accommodation

The programme will be held at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Participants would get a full board and air-conditioned single room accommodation on the Institute campus.

Desired Candidate Profile

Managers and team leaders (men and women) who regularly interact with leaders/ members/ peers/ external customers of the opposite sex. Organisations will benefit from sending a mixed group of participants.

Course Modules

- Communicating in mixed-gender teams
- Breaking the glass ceiling
- Improving interpersonal sensitivity
- Managing difficult communication
- Learning, sharing and doing